June 21, 2022

Internet Explorer (IE) 11 is Dead…

…And Why You Need to Upgrade to harmon.ie 9.3.2 Today

Internet Explorer 11 has retired and is officially out of support.”

Just like that, Microsoft announced the ultimate demise of IE 11, and sent it riding off into the sunset. Considering this milestone was announced back in 2015, it is surprising to see the level of interest this event received in the popular press, including feature articles in the USA Today, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and a bizarre piece in the New York Post, spotlighting a $330 IE11 gravestone erected in South Korea.

“Internet Explorer will not be immediately removed on all versions today but will be progressively redirected to Microsoft Edge on all these devices over the next few months (just like for everyday users) to give our customers time to find any sites they potentially missed and complete their transition. After this redirection phase, Internet Explorer will be permanently disabled on devices via a future Windows Update," according to Sean Lyndersay, general manager for Microsoft Edge enterprise as quoted in a Microsoft blog post.

Despite the yearslong heads up from Microsoft about the end of IE, many people continue to use that browser. According to IT asset management platform provider, Lansweeper, over 46% of Windows 10 devices may be affected by the IE11 end-of-life at any point after June 15, 2022.

harmon.ie Users Take Notice

harmon.ie users are also impacted by the decline of IE 11. Earlier versions of harmon.ie employed IE 11 components to invoke Windows commands, such as authenticate users, preview documents, and share links. So, unless your organization is currently running the latest version of harmon.ie - 9.3.2, harmon.ie features have already stopped working or will stop working in the near future. To maintain uninterrupted service and to avoid complaints from your users, you need to upgrade to harmon.ie 9.3.2 immediately.

It is important to note that your users will be affected even if their default browser is not Internet Explorer. So, even if you have moved on to Microsoft Edge or you use Chrome, your users are still affected.

What To Do Next

To download the latest version of harmon.ie, log into the harmon.ie Download Area, and select the ‘harmon.ie Microsoft 365 Experience’ Edition. Follow the installation instructions.

If you have questions, contact harmon.ie tech support.

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