February 6, 2023

How to Organize Files in Teams?

As (lower case) teams dive into quick and easy collaboration on (upper case) Teams, information file management and organization can often be pushed to the side. The result? A disorganized and cluttered workspace that makes it difficult to find the files you need when you need them. Let alone the compliance issues that arise.

Watch our How to Organize Files on Teams webinar to learn how to best organize your files in Teams.

As organizations worldwide rapidly switched to WFH during the pandemic, the immediate adoption of collaboration tools was crucial. In the first month of the pandemic alone, Microsoft Teams was growing by a staggering 70%! Users continue to enjoy the collaboration features of Teams, but many organizations are playing catch-up to keep files stored in Teams organized and compliant.

There’s often a trade-off between immediate collaboration and file management. For instance, files posted to Channels end up cluttered in the “General” channel, making it difficult for users to find the files they need. Unlike SharePoint, there’s often a lack of tagging and classification of documents in Teams, and it can be time-consuming to navigate through multiple folders and sub-folders. As a result, users can become lost while searching for files in Teams.

We understand that file management and organization can often be seen as a tedious task. But it doesn't have to be that way. With the right tools and knowledge, file management can become a seamless and intuitive part of your collaboration process. On February 15th, we will be hosting a webinar to share best practices and tips for organizing files in Teams. We’ll also cover new features that harmon.ie plans to release, aimed at making file organization in Teams easier and more intuitive.

While Microsoft Teams has become a staple tool for collaboration and communication, file management and organization can still be a challenge. Watch our How to Organize Files on Teams webinar to learn how to best organize your files in Teams, and take advantage of new features designed to make file management easier.

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