October 5, 2023

How Allianz Technology Manages Information For 180,000 Users

Financial services is one of the most regulated industries in the world. Operating in one country can be challenging enough, but when your customer footprint extends across more than 70 nations, those compliance requirements become even more voluminous and complex.

For Munich-based Allianz Technology, that means developing and deploying Information Management initiatives at a scale few people can even comprehend. 180,000 business users serve more than 120 million customers in 60 different operating entities around the globe.

Allianz Technology is a global IT service provider for Allianz Group. The group’s insurance products range from property to business to health and life insurance, plus the group manages nearly €2 billion in assets for their clients. All those services and multinational clientele make for an avalanche of regulatory requirements, not to mention all of the personally identifiable information stored in various systems.

Balancing regulatory compliance needs with employee productivity is the tricky part, but Allianz Technology has continually risen to the challenge. Like other organizations, they faced the daunting need to properly categorize, organize, and manage an exponentially growing volume of documents and email messages to meet those stringent requirements. To implement this Information Management Allianz Technology turned to Microsoft 365.

How Allianz Technology leverages Microsoft 365 for Information Management

On October 11th, Allianz Technology IT leaders Maximilian Friedl, SharePoint Online Product Owner, and Julia Stettner, M365 Governance Service Manager, will join us for an insightful conversation about their Information Management journey at Allianz Technology.

This free, interactive session will cover how Allianz Technology recently designed, implemented, and deployed a Microsoft 365-based Information Management system across Allianz’ entire global footprint. We’ll begin by exploring how Allianz Technology defines governance and compliance requirements across such a broad and diverse portfolio and then dig into their DMS architecture, including how SharePoint fits in as a governance-friendly file repository.

The conversation will also touch on the unique challenges the team faced with rolling out such a significant change across dozens of business units without impacting worker productivity and efficiency. This includes how Allianz Technology leveraged harmon.ie to increase compliance and adoption by removing some of the friction in end-user workflows.

We’ll wrap up our discussion with a look ahead at how Allianz Technology is exploring ways AI and Large Language Models can automate some tasks in the near future and further increase adoption and compliance. A brief demo and a Q&A session will round out this content-packed session.

A webinar you won’t want to miss

Even if your organization isn’t quite as large as Allianz, businesses of all sizes have lots to learn about implementing Information Management initiatives at scale. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn valuable lessons from these experiences and incorporate some of those insights into your own future plans.

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