December 26, 2018

Boost collaboration in the modern workplace with the partner program

Orangutech has been a key member of the partner program for over five years now and is a great example of how the program is a win-win for everyone involved. In this blog series, we shine a spotlight on our partner program, highlighting some of our key partners and the success they’ve had.

We sat down with Orangutech’s CEO Barry Doucette to discuss how they deliver value for its clients and how helps them solve key problems around collaboration in the modern workplace.

Collaboration in the modern workplace

Orangutech is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that excels in helping large enterprises modernize their workplace through the latest in collaboration technology – with a focus on software add-ons for SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and Office 365. Based in Ottawa, Orangutech works primarily with the Canadian Federal Government and Crown Corporations. In fact, an impressive 60% of core Canadian Federal Government departments rely on Orangutech’s services to support the Microsoft technology that allows them to flourish.

In today’s world, collaboration is at the centre of all business activities. Orangutech understands this and makes sure that all employees within an organization are well-connected and collaborating via tools, technology, training and expertise. As CEO of Orangutech, Barry Doucette says, “the key to the success of any IT solution involves getting user adoption and change management right.”

“The real challenge is how do we make sure the client is actually adopting the technology? We focus on ease-of-use and change management. Those are big challenges which we help our clients overcome.”

Email management in government

As a large portion of its clients are departments within the Canadian Federal Government, Orangutech helps them deal with several key challenges around how they store, manage, and access information and documents.

Records and email management are an essential part of this. All departments within the Canadian Federal Government use GCDocs – a centralized records management system that ensures the departments meet the legal and policy requirements for information management. One of the big challenges for these organizations is the integration of Microsoft technology with GCDocs and ensuring all users work in compliance with agreed regulations.

As Barry explains: “We make sure we get everything in SharePoint into GCDocs, ensuring documents of value are managed long-term. When we talk about this to our clients, it sparks their interest and then they start looking at what the right tools are to get this done. is absolutely one of the big players for us.

Barry goes on to answer the question…“How does help our business? It helps our clients adopt and use technology. Our message to clients is about collaboration and change management – we make sure that users are adopting those technologies and that these tools are easy-to-use. Well, that’s what does for us; especially around email management.”

“A lot of emails get left behind – either, they are not managed efficiently, or are records but are not treated as such. There’s important information that has great value, so you must make sure they are managed as records. One example of how helps is that the government has a limit on the size of mailboxes (2GBs). Users receive a notification when they approach their limit, and people simply go to the bottom of their email list and start deleting emails. makes it easy for users to save important emails and store them as records for the future.”

The beginning of the partnership was initially recommended to Orangutech by a client. As Barry explains: “We reached out to a client and asked if there were any tools they really liked. They recommended as a fabulous productivity tool, an email management tool, and an Outlook-to-SharePoint tool. So, we reached out to and we’ve been partners for at least five years now.”

“ is enterprise ready. We can confidently put in front of clients with tens of thousands of users without worry. Our solutions are customized according to our client’s needs for email management, collaboration and leveraging these tools for maximum efficiency. This directly influences how they manage their work. plays a very important role when we tell our clients that we can help them with SharePoint adoption, training and change management.”

Become a partner today

If your organization has a strong presence with companies that have migrated to, or are planning on migrating to Office 365, then the partner program is for you.

The program is a fantastic way for businesses to help their customers derive more value from their Microsoft investment and improve collaboration in the modern workplace. boosts user adoption across the whole ecosystem of the Microsoft productivity suite, by making it as easy as possible for the end user.

You can sell licenses to generate extra revenue while improving your customers’ capabilities for email management, information governance, case management and enterprise collaboration in Office 365.

To find out more about the partner program and how it can improve collaboration in the modern workplace, get in touch with the team or join us today.

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