January 16, 2018

harmon.ie Continues Exceptional Growth and Momentum

We are happy to report that harmon.ie enjoyed a banner year in 2017, experiencing unparalleled growth and adding hundreds of new customers to achieve a record 23% year-over-year uptick in sales growth. Leading organizations across countless industries rely on our user experience tools to combat growing information and app overload which hurts worker productivity and morale as it prevents them from focusing on the most important tasks at hand.

These organizations struggled to manage the explosive growth of corporate documents and email along with an urgent need to mitigate the information and app overload problem at work. They chose our solution as it puts Office 365 apps all in one place, giving workers the ability to focus on the critical work at hand, rather than spending their time managing and finding emails and documents. With harmon.ie, workers can easily upload, classify, find and share key documents and emails with colleagues and partners using SharePoint, thus eliminating chaos and increasing project visibility while reducing the cost of email storage.

Organizations struggling to make sense of the plethora of Office 365 apps flocked to harmon.ie. In 2017, we signed 300 new customers – many of whom are on Office 365 or working in a hybrid environment. Several of these new customers are also using harmon.ie solutions to fulfill an information governance or compliance requirement. harmon.ie’s new 2017 customers include Bayer Business Services Gulfstream, Capital Power, Porsche, General Dynamics, Government of Canada and Warner Music, among others.

In September 2017, we commissioned an independent survey, “The False Promise of the App Economy”, which found that knowledge workers are increasingly frustrated by information and app overload at work. This hurts overall productivity and morale as it prevents them from focusing on the most important tasks at hand. The survey, which queried 900 business professionals worldwide about their usage of apps in the workplace, discovered that workers are overwhelmed with managing too many apps and aggravated by the confusion that occurs when forced to switch between multiple apps just to get basic work done.

For example, 43% of respondents believe they must switch between too many apps to get basic work done while 35% stated they dislike toggling between multiple apps just to find simple information. 67% believed they could be more productive if important information from all of their apps appeared in a single window.

Today’s knowledge workers are inundated with tools meant to help them do their jobs more effectively, but instead, they end up spending far too much time sifting through information and moving back and forth between multiple apps, platforms and accounts, instead of getting real work done. This has led to dire information overload and employee burnout. With the average worker using at least nine apps during the typical work day, we must reduce the cognitive burden that comes from managing this information spread across a vast network of apps.

“Knowledge workers struggle with the cognitive burden that comes from managing too much data spread across too many apps. harmon.ie seeks to address this challenge by presenting information the way our brains are organized,” said Raul Castanon-Martinez, senior analyst, 451 Research, a leading market research firm. “Its approach leverages cloud apps to organize information by topics – important subjects like customers, products, services, or projects – instead of by application.”

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