harmon.ie Awarded “Microsoft Verified Publisher”

May 20, 2020

harmon.ie Awarded “Microsoft Verified Publisher”

harmon.ie is excited to be awarded “Verified Publisher” status by Microsoft at this week’s Microsoft Build Conference. The announcement came as part of the launch of the Publisher Verification program, during which the following premier verified publishers were revealed:

Why This is Important

Publisher Verification helps customers verify the authenticity of app developers who use the Microsoft identity platform (Azure AD) to sign users in and call APIs like Microsoft Graph.

When an application is marked as publisher verified, it means that the publisher has verified their identity using a Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) account that has completed the verification process and has associated this MPN account with their application registration.

How Can You Know?

A product that has been verified displays a blue "verified" badge on the Azure AD consent prompt and other screens. Here is how you will see that harmon.ie has been verified by Microsoft, when you authenticate for harmon.ie products:

Why This is Important to Your Organization

In addition to your own peace of mind that the apps you are using have been verified by Microsoft, there are benefits for your organization to using verified products.

Publisher Verification gives IT administrators increased transparency into which apps being used by their organization are verified and unverified, and they can now configure consent policies based on verification status. For example, admins can allow end users to consent to applications that have been publisher verified and require admin consent to apps that have not been publisher verified.

To Learn More

To learn more about the program, attend one of these Build sessions, entitled “Creating Trustworthy Applications with Microsoft Identity.”:

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