June 16, 2022

Finding Documents in Microsoft 365 Just Got a Lot Easier

According to the latest Association of Intelligent Information Management (AIIM) report, State of the Intelligent Information Management Industry 2022, organizations continue to struggle with their digital transformation initiatives. A big part of that struggle is directly related to resistance from stakeholders, many of whom are workers who resist changes to the way they work, not because they are evil, but because they are focused on getting their work done.

So, how do successful organizations get stakeholder support? When you ‘make the right thing the easy thing’ by reducing the amount of change you are asking, stakeholders will step up to the plate.

harmon.ie has always made the right thing the easy thing to do for workers tasked with capturing, classifying, and sharing important emails and documents in SharePoint. In fact, thousands of organizations around the world already benefit from these capabilities.

The Move to Microsoft 365 Introduces New Challenges

The move to the cloud, and the massive migration to remote and hybrid work, have made it more difficult to find information.

We all know the scenario… your boss asks you for a document and you can’t remember where you put it – you’re thinking…

Did I share the document with colleagues during a Teams meeting…?

Or did I share the document in a (group) chat with the team…?

Or was it a OneDrive document I shared with someone…?

Or maybe I shared the document in a Teams channel…?

Or did I upload the document to SharePoint…? 🤔

What you can be sure is that it will take you a long time to find it… if you find it at all.

Those days are over.

To address the acute need to support remote/hybrid business through better information management, harmon.ie has introduced new search and discovery capabilities – making it effortless for your entire workforce to find important documents spread across Microsoft 365, even people who never need to use SharePoint…

We invite you to take a fresh look at the new harmon.ie 365. To learn more about the new search and discovery tools for Microsoft 365 – watch our June webinar, Finding Documents Fast in Microsoft 365 or try harmon.ie for 30 days, free.

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