May 10, 2022

Can’t Find What You are Looking For?

Overcoming Document Chaos in Microsoft 365

If you are using Microsoft Teams and you share documents with colleagues, you are in good company. And if you can’t find those documents later, when you need them... you certainly aren’t alone.

Today, Microsoft365 offers more places to store documents than ever before – Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, and even “Shared with me” documents to which colleagues can grant you ‘ad hoc’ access.

Storing documents as attachments to emails in Outlook is the most problematic approach because when you share documents via email, duplicates are created, generating versioning chaos. Also, those documents locked in personal inboxes, unavailable to colleagues and permanently lost when the person leaves the organizations.

In reality, you have several potential strategies for storing shared documents in Microsoft 365:

  • Store documents in Teams
  • Store documents in SharePoint
  • Store working documents in Teams and final ‘record’ documents in SharePoint

Each of these strategies has advantages and disadvantages. No matter which strategy you select, finding documents is a problem. “Did I share that document in a Teams chat? Was it in a channel? Which one? Or did I store it in SharePoint?” Trying to find content is a big problem for Microsoft 365 users.

Need answers? Watch our May 2022 webinar to learn about the strategies for storing documents in Microsoft 365 so you can find them when you need them.

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