October 12, 2021

Babcock Case Study

When you are a leading provider of critical, complex engineering services, employing 35,000 associates worldwide, it’s easy to understand why IT operations are the business’ lifeblood.

So, when Babcock hit a wall using shared drives and other repositories for document storage and management, it is obvious why they turned to SharePoint. With 40 terabytes of data and no classification system, finding important emails and documents was a nightmare. SharePoint presented a centralized document management system with an organized methodology for classifying content using metadata.

But getting knowledge workers to use SharePoint was not a slam dunk. Changing worker’s daily habits of how they stored content was a challenge. Plus, now there was an extra step of adding metadata to content so it could be found later. Which is why Babcock turned to harmon.ie.

harmon.ie makes it easy for Babcock information workers to capture and classify emails and documents in SharePoint. Furthermore, harmon.ie makes it easy to upload and classify multiple documents in one operation, and make sure they are checked in so others can view and edit them.

But harmon.ie provides more. It also enables Babcock employees to avoid ‘document chaos’ by empowering them to send document links instead of email attachments, thereby ensuring everyone is working on the same version of the document. And harmon.ie makes it easy to search and find SharePoint content. All this can be done without leaving the familiar confines of Outlook; the place where employees already spend their work time. In the words of Janet Robertson, Digital Workplace Analyst at Babcock International, “harmon.ie gives you that window into SharePoint right from Outlook… it saves me a lot of time… so, it is a really good tool.”

Read more about Babcock’s SharePoint journey with harmon.ie here:

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