Announcing the Top 25 International SharePoint Influencers of 2019

May 21, 2019

Announcing the Top 25 International SharePoint Influencers of 2019

SharePoint remains a constant in today’s business world. Among other things, it’s the document management system that organizations of all sizes rely on, and every year it continues to grow in popularity.

SharePoint has an enormous following and has generated a highly engaged online community. SharePoint influencers are experts and thought leaders who extol the benefits of not only SharePoint but the Microsoft environment to readers around the world.

Yaacov Cohen, CEO of commented: “We really value and recognize people within the community. As we do every year, we want to independently serve the ecosystem – by helping others connect and recognize the incredible work done by influencers around the world who are working with SharePoint”.

Every year we recognize these influencers and thought leaders in the community who share their expertise and help companies make the most of SharePoint. With our series of international SharePoint Summits underway, and this week’s SharePoint North America Conference, now is the perfect time to announce the top 25 international SharePoint influencers of 2019.

Sharing knowledge around the world

Some of our key findings this year include:

  • The country with the largest representation of international SharePoint influencers of 2019 was the US with 28% of the top 25. Germany was next with 20%, followed by Canada at 12%.
  • This year the top 25 has 150% more women compared to 2018, with women representing 5 of the 25 influencers.
  • 80% of the Top 25 had a personal blog compared to 48% of the average SharePoint influencer.

Our International SharePoint Influencers of 2019 ranking is formed by many factors, including engagement, frequency of activity, backlinks, follower base, and more. But this list is only representative of a small fraction of the wider SharePoint community.

At, we recognize the value in building communities of SharePoint and Office 365 experts around the world. To bring together the key figures in the industry, every year we hold SharePoint Summits; events where business leaders can create new connections and learn about how SharePoint is transforming document management within organizations.

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