New Additions to Board Spurs Company Growth

August 2, 2019

New Additions to Board Spurs Company Growth

Assembling a strong board of directors is a strategic part of the company transformation, following the recent management buyout. So we are proud to announce that two recognized industry experts, Yoram Yaacovi and Shalom Passy have become directors of, bringing with them many years of valuable knowledge and experience.

Yoram Yaacovi

Yoram Yaacovi has a long and rich history working within the Microsoft ecosystem, lending him a unique insight into our product. Having held roles like General Manager and CTO of Microsoft Israel’s R&D center, his experience is extremely valuable when it comes to’s close relationship with Microsoft. Not only did he manage a team of over 2,000, Yoram developed technology for Microsoft that’s still in use today.

His passion for not only intelligent technology, but the technology community, saw him create the Israel Advanced Technology Industries Multi-National Companies forum. Here, the leaders of multi-national R&D centers discuss their shared objectives and form a closer, high-tech community in Israel. Yoram also serves on the Board of Collective Impact, an organization advocating for greater Arab representation in the Israeli job market. His work with the local startup community shows just how dedicated he is to advancing technology and sharing knowledge.

A company with a vision

Yoram joined the Board of Directors because of his belief in CEO Yaacov Cohen’s vision. He says of his decision:

“I make investment and job decisions based on people. I met Yaacov years ago, and I’ve always believed in his vision.” It’s obvious that he chooses to work with companies he truly believes in. Having hired Yaacov himself years ago, Yoram knew that had the leadership it needed to truly succeed with Yaacov at the helm. “ fills a vital gap in the market by collating the information people need in one location.” Yoram explains. “It has over 1000 customers and it’s doing very well – it’s going places.”

Shalom Passy

Shalom Passy has also joined the Board of Directors, after beginning life at as a Senior Consultant for Strategy and Operational Excellence. Shalom’s experience with technology spans over 40 years, beginning with software programming and design. During his tenure at Amdocs, he performed in almost every role: in 20 years he was Head of Development in the US, Business Division President for half of Europe, and Amdocs Account Manager for Bell Atlantic (now Verizon).

The wide range of experiences Shalom had at Amdocs inspired him to strike out in 2010 and begin offering consultation services for small to medium sized businesses. Today, he offers his expertise to Sapiens, Allot,, and Go-Arc, bringing his considerable business and strategy experience to the table in a tailored way for each company. Shalom is also a Managing Partner and Director at AfterDox, an angel investment group who aim to create value in Israel’s high-tech sector. His experience in operational management and strategy allow him to see the bigger picture and plan for the future.

Focusing on the right priorities

Shalom notes of his first impression of

“I was impressed by the company’s journey and their decision to share the business with their employees”. His first priority when he began working with was to begin building their business strategy.’s vision appealed to Shalom because he wanted to contribute to the overall goal of helping people in every industry get more meaningful work done – “I was happy with the vision, and I wanted to help their build their strategy to help people manage their priorities. Topic computing offers the ability for workers to focus on doing what’s important, not what’s most prominent on their to-do list.”

As grows, our priority is always to acquire the talent who will help us stay at the forefront of topic computing and intelligent email management.

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