January 17, 2023

2022: Record Profits Fuel Innovation

Post published by Yaacov Cohen, harmon.ie CEO

The last three years have been a long and tumultuous ride for the whole world. Here, at harmon.ie, we were constantly thinking about our customers, clients and employees – how to best serve the needs of these three important groups and carry us all through times of uncertainty. As a product helping with productivity, remote work and limited resources – harmon.ie was installed in more endpoints than ever during this time, it helped more workers adopt M365 and was quickly and efficiently adapted to meet the high demand.

In line with the past three years, 2022 was yet another record-breaking year with record 97% retention rates, operating profits that reached 50% of revenue and a record 9% of ARR coming from satisfied customers adding more subscriptions. Having said that, we didn’t avoid the general economic slowdown, and did also experience a reduction in new enterprise customers from 132 in 2021 to 98 in 2022.

harmon.ie 2022:
The Year of Product-Led-Growth Strategy

This year saw the doubling of investment in product development and R&D, led by Itay Pahima, VP R&D. We recruited new cloud and MERN developers from junior to tech leader positions. These teams are now coming together to build better and stronger products.

Tending to the product side, we established a new product organization led by Tali Mayer-Chissick. Tali joined us in 2022 with a track record in building business strategies and bringing them to life. As harmon.ie COO and Head of Product, Tali recruited and established two new product teams with Corey Tinianov (ex Capital One) leading the harmon.ie product and Tali Eliyahu (ex Microsoft) leading the new Collabria product.

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Our internal product organization is now hard at work, developing not one but two new products!!

The doubling of the development effort, led by a talented and relentless product team, will lend itself in 2023 to constructing TWO new product lines:

Announced on our webinar with Microsoft’s Juan Balmori and developed in partnership with MSFT, harmon.ie Cloud will be there to welcome all new users of the New Outlook, helping them navigate the new system and bring the full force of M365 into their workspace. Just like harmon.ie 365, harmon.ie Cloud will make it easier to organize content not just in SharePoint but also in Teams.

Want to be a part of designing the new harmon.ie cloud?

Collabria is the new digital workplace for account managers. We will start by helping you collaborate over important emails, with sharing, commenting and drafting as a team – all in one place.
Collabria is still in design partner mode and now is the time to hop on board!

Sergey's Legacy

We can't wrap up 2022 without mentioning the passing of our dear friend Sergey Lekakh, lead QA at harmon.ie who was in charge of the Collabria product. Sergey was instrumental in building Collabria and was a pivotal part of our team. He will be missed dearly, and so - Tali Eliyahu made sure to cherish his memory in the product itself. Whenever a user takes a wrong turn in Collabria - they will find Sergey helping them along.

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