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Effortlessly drag and drop emails and attachments directly to SharePoint, OneDrive or to Teams

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Integrated Microsoft User Experience for Remote Workers

Remote workers are stranded on information islands, isolated from colleagues. At home or in satellite offices, they struggle to serve customers, suppliers, and partners because they can’t find important emails or documents. 365 makes it easy for remote workers to share and find information across SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive, directly from Outlook.

Whether you are looking for an important email or document, or asking a colleague for help, products make your work easier by joining SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, and Outlook.

Increase Microsoft 365 Productivity 365 consists of a set of Outlook and Office plugins that help you organize important emails and documents in the Microsoft 365 cloud, directly from the comfort of your Outlook and Office windows.

Capture, classify, and find important content easily in the Microsoft 365 cloud. Share links to emails and documents with colleagues without leaving Outlook.

By remaining in the Microsoft 365 app you already spend your worktime, enables you to stay focused, so you can be productive.

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