View Related Business Information

How it works

Today, we manage emails, documents and conversations across many apps; documents in SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, or as email attachments, emails in Outlook, events in Calendar and so on. So, we look for information by apps. But this is alien to how we think. Because we think about business topics like customers, products, and services, not apps. SmartAssistant allows us to see related information using Descriptive Labels, which is a way to classify information into the subjects we think about.

Intelligent Discovery connects related emails, attachments, and Teams conversations so you can view and edit them together; even though they are stored in disparate Office 365 repositories.

Context is key

Seeing related emails, attachments, and Teams conversations enables information workers to focus on what is most important to them, rather than toggle between apps searching for information. SmartAssistant connects related emails, documents, and Teams conversations together using Descriptive Labels, so information workers can find critical content as a natural part of their daily workflow. For the first time, information is organized contextually; by product, project, service, or customer… exactly the way the people work.