How to manage documents with Topic Computing

How it works

Today, we manage documents and content across many apps; documents in SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, or as email attachments, emails in Outlook, events in Calendar and so on. So we look for information by apps. But this is alien to how we think. Because we think about business topics like customers, products, and services, not apps. Topic computing is a new way of thinking about work. It categorizes information into the subjects we think about.

Intelligent Discovery uses the Microsoft Graph to connect Office 365 apps and to manage documents by topics. then scores topics using sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to uncover what’s most relevant to each individual user.

Context is key

The Microsoft Graph connects people with the artifacts they create, edit, and share, like SharePoint and OneDrive documents, Outlook emails, and Teams discussions. leverages the power of the Microsoft Graph to extract important information, such as customer names, accounts, products, projects and services, from emails and document metadata, calendar invites, and app notification texts and categorize them into topics you care about. For the first time, you get the information that is important to you organized in appropriate context.

It's that simple. Your important information delivered to you in a way you can immediately understand it. Exactly the way you think.