Integrate with Enterprise Vault (eVault) for Outlook Knowledge Base - Enterprise Edition

NOTE: THIS ARTICLE IS OBSOLETE. integrates with Enterprise Vault (eVault) version 11 and allows you to upload archived emails to SharePoint.

To enable the integration with eVault:

  1. Copy the RestoreFromEVaultAndSave.dll plugin file to the local machine of all users.
    If you do not have this file, please contact your account representative or Sales.
  2. Set the following registry keys to all users, as explained in Provisioning
    SupportEvault True Enables the integration with eVault.
    Optionally add a String Value named EvaultUrl under this key and set it to the URL of the eVault storage. This value is typically not required and should be used if automatic resolution of the eVault storage URL fails.
    SetIconOnUploadedMessage False Prevents from replacing message icons with icons, when the message is uploaded to SharePoint. This key is optional.
    Plugins\Evault <Full path to RestoreFromEVaultAndSave.dll> Deploys the eVault plugin into the runtime platform. For more information, read Use SDK to customize upload to SharePoint behavior.
  3. Make sure that eVault is configured to leave shortcuts to archived items in the original location.

Features exceptions:

  • Moving archived emails to does not work; The email is always copied, and not deleted from the archive.
  • Dragging and dropping from the eVault explorer to SharePoint is not supported.