Following changes in SharePoint locations

Following changes in SharePoint locations

Which locations can be followed?

You can follow the changes made in:

  • Document libraries
  • Folders
  • Lists

Locations need to be in the favorites list to be followed.

What activities are followed?

  • Creating a SharePoint document or item.
  • Updating a SharePoint document or item.

To follow locations:

Do one of the following:

Note: tries to help you follow frequently-visited locations by suggesting to add them to the favorites list.

To see the changes:

To view the SharePoint documents/items updates, open the People tab > Updates view. You can filter the list to view both document and list items updates, or select only Documents / Lists items.

Is following locations recursive?

Depending on your settings, following locations can be recursive. When you follow a library, folder, or list, check Follow subfolders to follow subfolders as well. Edit a favorite location to change the recursive setting.

To remove a location from the updates list:

To permanently unfollow a SharePoint location, do one of the following:

To temporarily unfollow a SharePoint location:

  1. Go to the People tab > Updates.
  2. Select the Updates Filter icon (The Updates Filter icon) and toggle the location out, or hide all document/item updates off by toggling the Documents/Lists icon out.