Viewing updates

Viewing updates helps you to stay up-to-date with your colleagues, using the Updates view, and your SharePoint sites' Newsfeeds.

Note: To view the Updates view, you must have a configured SharePoint social server.

What kind of updates can I see?

The Updates view lists recent activities that may interest you, including:

  • Updates made by your SharePoint colleagues: status updates, sharing interests, tagging, Note Board posts, tagging with my interests, rating, job title change, manager change, new blog post, new membership, birthday alerts, workplace anniversaries, new colleagues, and profile updates.
    Tap on a user image to open this user’s Profile Info.
    • When the social server is SharePoint 2013 or later, only status updates are shown for people you follow.
    • When the social server is SharePoint 2010, you can configure the types of activities for which you want to receive alerts in the Updates view using the SharePoint web interface, under My Profile > Edit My Profile (scroll down to Activities I am following).
    • When the social server is SharePoint 2007, you only receive document/list updates.
  • Updates made by your Yammer colleagues: conversations, attachments, links, etc.
  • Changes in SharePoint libraries/lists that you follow: new documents/items created or updated.
    Tapping a document/item's name opens its Document Info, or List Item Info. Tapping a document/item's location opens that location in the Browse view.
  • Conversations in the Newsfeed of sites you are following.

The updates view

How do I know that there are new updates to read?

A box to the right of the Updates view in the Views menu indicates that there are new updates. The number in the box indicates the number of new updates.

The updates that have been added to the Updates view since you last visited it are highlighted.

To filter the Updates view:

The filter tabs are:

To view updates made by a certain person:

  1. View the profile information of this person.
  2. Tap the picture or name of the person to show the Profile Info page of the person. Then tap the Updates tab to view all updates made by this person (including all Yammer conversations in which this person has participated), and the SharePoint documents/lists they changed.
    Note: You are only notified about document/item changes in the SharePoint libraries and lists that you follow.
    From the Profile Info panel, you can view the profile details for any of the people listed in the Updates view.
    Tap the Close icon () at any time to close the Profile Info panel (and any subsequent pages you may have opened).

The updates view

To remove a library or a folder from the updates list:

To remove a SharePoint library or folder from the updates list, Edit a favorite location and slide Follow Location to Off.

How often does the Updates view update?

By default, the Updates view refreshes every hour. To change the interval between retrieving the activities updates from the SharePoint server:

  1. Tap the Views menu () > Settings () > Updates.
  2. Tap Interval and select another interval from the picker.

Is following libraries & folders recursive?

Depends on your settings. When you choose to follow a library or a folder, slide Include Subfolders to On to follow subfolders as well. Edit a favorite location to change the recursive setting.

To view a SharePoint site's Newsfeed:

The Site Feed feature must be activated on the site, in order to view it in

  1. Browse to the SharePoint site. Newsfeed appears below the SharePoint libraries.
  2. Tap Newsfeed to view all conversations.
  3. Tap the Post icon () to start a new conversation.
  4. Tap a conversation to view and edit it.
    View the server Newsfeed

To view the Newsfeed of all the sites you are following:

  1. Open the Updates view.
  2. Tap the Newsfeed tab, if exists. If not, tap the All tab to view all conversations.
  3. Tap a conversation to view and edit it.

To view and edit site conversations:

Replying and liking actions do not apply to Mobile Lite.

Tap a site conversation and:

  • Tap Like/Unlike to like/unlike a post or reply.
  • Tap Reply to write a reply. Type in your reply and then tap Send.
  • Tap Delete to delete a post (this option is available if you have permissions to delete this post).
  • Tap the Actions menu () > Lock/Unlock to lock/unlock a conversation you started. Users cannot reply to a locked conversation.
  • Tap the Actions menu () > Send Link to send a link to this conversation by email.

Tap a conversation to reply or like it

To follow/unfollow a SharePoint site:

When you follow a site, you see the conversations of this site's Newsfeed in the Newsfeed / All tabs of the Updates view, and the site is added to the Sites I'm following group.

Note: You can only follow SharePoint 2013 or later / Office 365 sites in your configured social server.

To follow/unfollow a site, follow one of these methods:

  • Follow the site:
    1. Browse to the site you want to follow / unfollow.
    2. Tap the Actions menu () > Follow / Unfollow.
  • Add Newsfeed to favorites:
    1. Find the site's Newsfeed.
    2. Tap the star icon overlaid on Newsfeed, and then tap Favorite & Follow to follow / Remove & Stop Following to unfollow.