Viewing and editing documents and Wiki pages

Viewing and editing documents and Wiki pages

To open a SharePoint document (online or offline):

Note: This section does not apply to opening Wiki pages.

  1. Find the required document.
  2. Open the document in one of the following ways:
    • Swipe the document name and tap Open ().
    • Tap the document name. By default, the Open menu launches.
  3. Tap one of the following:
    • Word/Excel/PowerPoint Online. This option appears only on tablets and if all the requirements for opening the document with Office Online are met. This option does not apply to Mobile Lite.
    • Word/Excel/PowerPoint App to open the document in the local Office app, if installed.
    • Other Apps... to view more applications (if such exist).
    • Cancel to cancel the operation.

    Note: Email messages open in an internal message viewer.

To edit a SharePoint document:

This feature does not apply to Mobile Lite.

Note: This section does not apply to editing Wiki pages. supports editing Office documents with Office Online, and editing all types of documents with a local editor.

Editing with Office Online works in tablets only. It is more secure, as the SharePoint document is not saved to the local device, and it does not require installing an editor application on your device.
Note: Editing with Office Online does not apply to offline documents.

To edit with a local editor:

  1. Open the SharePoint document in an editor application.
  2. If you are editing with Docs To Go™: use the Edit action to open the document for editing.
  3. Make your edits and save the document.
  4. Tap Share >
  5. Follow the upload process, and select Update Document to update SharePoint with your changes.
    Replacing an edited document

Note: Documents that were declared as records cannot be edited, and have a lock icon () overlaid on their type icon.

To edit with Office Online:

This feature does not apply to Mobile Lite, and only works in tablets.


  • Office Online must be activated on the SharePoint server (2010 or later).
  • Office Online must be enabled for the site.
  • The document type must be Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote.

To edit a document with Office Online:

  1. Open the SharePoint document in Office Online.
  2. If the document library requires checking out documents, you are prompted to check out the document.
  3. If the document opens in view mode, tap Edit in Browser.
  4. Make your edits, and save the document. Any changes you make are immediately saved to SharePoint.
  5. If you checked out the document in step 2, above, you are prompted to check it in.

To edit documents/items when you are offline:

  • You can edit documents with local editor apps.
  • You cannot edit offline documents with Office Online.

When you edit a document offline, the document header says Modified locally, and shows the modification time.

This document was edited while offline

To edit offline documents with a local editor app:

  1. Follow the directions in editing documents.
  2. When you share the document to you are asked if you want to save your changes locally. Tap Save.
  3. The document is added to the Pending tab of the Locations view.
  4. When you go online, the upload process begins. If the upload process cannot be completed, you are prompted to resolve the error, or take action. View the pending status list for possible errors/required actions, and how to resolve them.

To open a Wiki page:

A Wiki library

  1. Find the required Wiki library, and tap its name.
  2. Tap the Wiki page. The page opens in an internal viewer.
  3. Tap a link to another Wiki page to open that page, or a link to a SharePoint document to open its document info.
  4. Tap the Close icon () when done.

Note: Incoming Links in Wiki pages are currently not displayed.

A Wiki library

To view a Wiki Page Info:

  1. Open the Wiki page.
  2. Tap the Actions menu () > Page Info ().

To edit a Wiki page:

This feature is not available in Lite.

  1. Open the Wiki page.
  2. Tap the Actions menu () > Edit Properties ().
  3. Tap the Contents property. The page opens in a simple editor.
  4. Edit the content of the page, then tap Done.
  5. Tap Save.

To open the Wiki Home page:

  1. Browse to the Wiki library, or open a Wiki page.
  2. Tap the Actions menu () > Home (). The contents of the Home page, which is defined in the SharePoint Wiki library, are displayed.

Limitation: Due to a server limitation, when working with SharePoint 2010, the Home action works only when the Home page is named Home.aspx.