Drive SharePoint and Office 365 Adoption

Easy upload access to SharePoint and Office 365 from the places where people spend their work time makes it easy to accurately classify and share documents and emails with colleagues.

Eliminate Document Chaos

Sharing links instead of attachments means everyone is working on the same version of a document or email draft.

Boost Productivity Significantly

Perform typical SharePoint document sharing tasks 6 times faster by having all the collaboration tools in a single screen/app.

Reduce Email Storage Requirements

Sharing document links rather than email attachments substantially reduces email storage

Increase Visibility and Project Transparency

Follow and update SharePoint tasks, calendars, announcements, and contacts from the same window you share documents and emails. The Activity Stream provides a single view of all your SharePoint- related activity.

Prevent Data Leakage

Email recipients can only open documents for which they are authorized in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, thereby reducing potentially- damaging document leakage.

Manage Projects effortlessly

Manage all SharePoint project related documents and activities in one place. Emails, documents, tasks, announcements, events, and contacts…all in one screen.