Integrate with K2 for Outlook Knowledge Base - Enterprise Edition

NOTE: THIS ARTICLE IS OBSOLETE. now integrates with K2. K2 is displayed as a new tab in, and supports these features:

To integrate with K2, you should provision the K2 registry keys for all users.

View K2 Worklist:

Once the K2 registry keys are added, a new K2 Worklist tab is added to Click it to view your Worklist, and perform actions on the work items.

Work with K2 notification emails:

  1. Select a notification email received from the K2 Workspace (senders are specified in the registry under the ServiceEmailAddress key).
  2. Task related information is displayed in's notification panel at the bottom of the Sites view, including Process, Start Date, and Status.
  3. Click View Flow to view the actions taken during the workflow.
  4. Click the Actions icon to Open Form or to perform custom actions on this work item.

Start a workflow:

  1. Right-click a SharePoint document in the sidebar, and select Start K2 Workflow.
  2. Select a workflow from the list to start this workflow.
  3. Optionally edit the Folio name.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click the K2 Worklist tab to view the item you added and to perform actions.