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harmon.ie for Google Docs® is a full-featured client for Google Docs which makes it easy to access and share documents on Google Docs, directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Main features

  • Drag, drop, share.
    • Drag files to the harmon.ie sidebar to upload and convert them to Google documents.
    • Share Google documents automatically. Drag a Google document from the sidebar to create links in your e-mail messages and meeting requests. harmon.ie automatically shares the document with the recipients. You decide to give recipients read or write access. Recipients simply click the link in the message to open the document in their web browser. They don’t need harmon.ie installed.
    • Replace attachments with links. When you send an attachment, harmon.ie for Google Docs asks if you want to upload the attachment to Google Docs and send a link instead. harmon.ie makes sure that the recipients’ will have access to the new link.
  • Find documents easily from Outlook.
    • Search document contents on Google Docs from the harmon.ie search box. The results appear as you type.
    • Locate documents using the View Bar. Switch between common views, such as spreadsheets, starred items, items owned by or shared with you, and more.
  • Work on Google documents.
    • Open and edit Google documents in Outlook. All your changes are saved online and are available to your colleagues.
    • Organize documents in folders; star, rename, or hide them. Documents in folders have a folder icon. Clicking the icon opens the folder dialog which lets you move or copy the document to other folders.
    • Share Google documents with other people. harmon.ie suggests users from both your Outlook and Gmail contacts. So it's never been easier to share documents with all your contacts; there's no need to worry about finding contacts from multiple address books.
    • Save Google documents in Office format. Convert documents to popular file formats as you download them to your Desktop. harmon.ie can export Google documents to Office, Open Office, PDF, RTF, HTML, TXT, and image formats.

Software requirements

These are the required software components for harmon.ie:

  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2010, or 2007 (SP2 is recommended).
  • Microsoft Windows 7, or Microsoft Windows Vista Business, Enterprise or Ultimate Edition, or Microsoft Windows XP Professional.
  • Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 or later.

Main help topics

Getting Started
Getting started with harmon.ie.

Looking for documents
Finding the Google documents you need in the harmon.ie sidebar.

Managing your documents list
Quickly find your way between your documents.

Working with documents
Working with Google documents from the sidebar.

Collaborating with others
Let other people view and edit your Google documents and folders.

Accessibility and keyboard shortcuts
Using the keyboard to get things done. Also includes a legend of all icons used in harmon.ie for Google Docs.

How to get help.