harmon.ie offers a collection of apps that deliver a consistent Office 365 and SharePoint user experience on mobile, desktop, and cloud platforms. harmon.ie apps aggregate popular Microsoft document sharing and social applications into a single screen experience. Business users can share documents and collaborate with colleagues using SharePoint Online or on-premise, SkyDrive Pro, email, telephone and Yammer… all with a single app.




Full-featured access to Office 365 and SharePoint from the convenience of your email client



Full-featured access to Office 365 and SharePoint from the convenience of a mobile device
Consistent Office 365 and SharePoint user experience for Email and Mobile
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harmon.ie enables your records management project to succeed by making it effortless for business workers to upload documents to SharePoint and meaningfully classify them as part of their existing daily work routine.
harmon.ie eliminates document chaos, promotes collaboration, and enhances regulatory compliance, while driving Office 365 and SharePoint adoption.
With harmon.ie, migrating from Notes to Outlook is smooth; email messages are effortlessly uploaded to SharePoint, for central storage. After the email migration, users retain the same intuitive Office 365 and SharePoint experience.
harmon.ie simplifies the creation of Office 365 and SharePoint enterprise social networks by offering ‘suggested colleagues,’ that are based on actual communication patterns. Follow team members and colleagues on SharePoint, right within the email window.