harmon.ie 365 Download

Follow the instructions on this page to download and install the enterprise trial version of harmon.ie 365.

For full installation instructions, check out the harmon.ie 365 Administration Guide.

1. Download the harmon.ie installation file

To get started, click the Download button, and follow the steps outlined below.

2. Sign in to Microsoft

You are prompted to log in to your Microsoft 365 account to grant harmon.ie permission to work with your Microsoft 365 locations.

Sign in to Microsoft

3. Accept requested permissions

harmon.ie 365 requests permission to connect to Microsoft Teams on your behalf, so you can capture and share emails and attachments in Teams channels and OneDrive, as well as SharePoint, directly from harmon.ie.

After you accept the permissions, the download process will begin.

Important note: harmon.ie only asks for delegated permissions, not for application permissions. As such, harmon.ie users can never access SharePoint content they are not authorized to view.

If you don't have permissions to access Microsoft Teams, click here.

4. Launch installation

Run the downloaded HarmonieSharePointSetup.Ent.Teams.exe file and then follow the installation instructions.

Let's get started with harmon.ie

That's it... you are ready to go.

To learn how to start working with harmon.ie, watch this 2-minute video and other training videos, or read the getting started guide.