The Future of Information Management Event Series

The Future of Information Management Event Series

We are thrilled to invite you to a series of engaging events with industry thought-leaders, dedicated to exploring and solving the challenges of information management: data overload, security and privacy, information governance, data integration and interoperability, regulatory compliance, and more.

Previous Events:

Can Teams Governance and Business Performance Coexist?

Event #4 Joint Event

Benjamin Niaulin, VP Product at ShareGate, and Yaacov Cohen, CEO of, discuss the new role of IT and how it can help business performance:

  • How can we improve Teams governance without impacting user experience and business performance?
  • How to manage documents and emails in Microsoft 365?
  • What's the difference between Microsoft Syntex and metadata?

Time to Turn MS Teams into an IM Platform!

Event #3 Joint Event

  • The risks in separate collaboration and IM systems
  • The future of information management
  • Turning Teams into an IM platform

How to Organize Files in Teams

Event #2
  • How to bridge the gap between information management, compliance and the users' need for collaboration and productivity
  • How to construct the FILES tab in Teams channels to better organize files in Teams
  • How to obtain the benefits of SharePoint in Teams without compromising the Teams experience
  • How One Outlook will impact end-user experience on MS Teams

Are You Ready for the New Outlook?

Event #1 Joint Event

During the event, Juan Balmori Labra, Microsoft Principal Program Manager for Office Extensibility, answered these questions, and more:

  • What is the new Outlook, One Outlook?
  • What is One Outlook’s significance in relation to end-users and to IT managers?
  • How does One Outlook impact Outlook add-ins? Does IT need to get new add-ins?
  • How does Microsoft support the ISV partners and the IT organizations?
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