Recently, Michele Pelino, a principal analyst from Forrester Research, sat down to discuss major trends of how organizations are adopting mobile devices, applications and services to address the needs of their employees, partners and customers.  Her findings were captured in a new video that can seen here. 

Some of Michele’s key findings include:
  • Employees are bringing their own devices into the office and personally selecting those devices, while line of business decision makers are asking for new types of mobile applications
  • Tablets are making their way into the enterprise as well and that number’s going to grow significantly as new types of tablets are offered to employees.  In fact, 2/3 of employees are already using 2 or more computing devices on a daily basis.
  • Employees are not just using email and calendaring on mobile devices, they’re also using collaboration and social networking applications, including document sharing sites such as Sharepoint.
Michele concludes that “that employees really need to have a consistent user experience across all of the devices that they use for work so that they can access the applications on any of those devices and have the flexibility to work from any location that they need to, to be productive efficient and effective.”