harmon.ie Announces Partnership With AirWatch To Provide Secure Document Access on Mobile Devices

With New MDM Certification, harmon.ie App Becomes the First Secure Mobile App for Office 365 and SharePoint

Boston – September 17, 2013 – Rampant use of unsanctioned mobile apps for file sync and storage is causing huge problems for organizations. In fact, a newly-released study of enterprise workers found that a full 41 percent of users circumvent company controls by storing corporate documents on unsanctioned, publicly-accessible cloud services. This translates into a massive number of ‘rogue IT’ workers who tap into unsanctioned services from their smartphones and tablets, creating risks for their employers. How many? Gartner says that 60 percent of employees are using personal mobile device for work1.

One root cause of rogue IT is that organizations today are unable to provide secure and scalable mobile access to documents stored in the corporate document management systems, 80% which is Office 365 and SharePoint. Information workers simply have no choice to look for unsanctioned, publicly-available alternative solutions in order to do their jobs. But organizations face huge risks of data leaks and IT governance violations, if not business meltdowns due to loss of control.

harmon.ie to the Rescue

Good news! Secure document access problems are a now a thing of the past, because harmon.ie today announced a partnership with AirWatch to deliver harmon.ie mobile products to mobile devices through the AirWatch platform The partnership provides confidence to enterprise customers that harmon.ie’s mobile products for iOS and Android are secure and trusted by AirWatch.

“We are proud to have AirWatch as a trusted partner,” said David Lavenda, VP Product Strategy at harmon.ie. “This new addition insures that AirWatch customers now have secure and scalable mobile access to the document storage systems in which their organization already has a significant investment; Office 365 and SharePoint. Now that organizations can provide an easy-to-use mobile app for secure document access, rogue IT can be shut down in an amicable and cost-efficient manner, to the satisfaction of workers and IT alike.”

“Sharing documents and collaborating with colleagues are two major business challenges for mobile business users, and we continue to grow our mobile ecosystem with partners like harmon.ie to deliver applications customers need to equip their mobile workers,” said Kevin Keith, director of business development, AirWatch. “harmon.ie is also now available for enterprise organizations in the AirWatch Marketplace."


About the harmon.ie Suite of Apps
harmon.ie apps provide the ability to edit and share Office 365 and SharePoint documents and reach out to colleagues using Office 365/SharePoint social capabilities. harmon.ie also provides real-time updates when colleagues edit important documents; colleagues can then be contacted with a single click. Workers can expand their social networks by adding colleagues from the mobile device’s contact list and keep up to date with harmon.ie’s unified activity stream of collaboration updates. For more about harmon.ie Mobile, click here.

About harmon.ie
harmon.ie, the user experience company for the mobile enterprise, provides products that deliver a consistent user experience on mobile devices, the desktop, and the cloud, for a host of social and collaboration platforms from vendors such as Microsoft and IBM. Thousands of businesses including Citi, DuPont and BAE Systems already use harmon.ie to become mobile enterprises. For more information, visit http://harmon.ie/.

About AirWatch
AirWatch is the world’s largest mobile security and enterprise mobility management provider with more than 8,000 customers and more than 1,400 global associates. The largest customer base, combined with the largest research and development team in the industry, allows AirWatch to provide the broadest functionality at the lowest cost. The AirWatch platform, featuring industry-leading mobile device management and application management, also incorporates the most secure content management solution, Secure Content Locker™. These solutions can be used stand-alone for unique BYOD requirements or as a comprehensive, highly scalable enterprise-grade mobility platform.

1Austin, Tom, “How Mobile Changes Everything, and What to Do About It,” presented at Gartner PCC Conference, San Diego, CA, May 2013