Participants select the SharePoint technologies and email client they either used at work or wanted to test. Then, they run a number of typical SharePoint tasks, first using the native SharePoint interface, and then using, an email sidebar for SharePoint. Here are the results:
What Is Behind the Challenge?

Companies are spending tons of time, money, and resources on Microsoft SharePoint - to help people to work faster, better, smarter, etc. But, despite the best intentions and big investments, there is still a significant adoption gap.

According to a uSamp survey of 317 business email users, only a third of survey respondents with access to SharePoint use it on a daily basis. And thirty-seven percent refuse to use SharePoint, or they use it less than once a month.


People say it takes too much time and effort to search, access, and share documents on SharePoint. From email, they have to switch contexts, juggle multiple browser windows, and learn a whole new way of collaborating.

There has got to be a better way, and that is the point of the challenge. Market research from leading analysts show that email remains far and away the #1 business communications and collaboration tool. In fact, the uSamp survey found that 80 percent of respondents with SharePoint access still resorted to "email ping pong" when it comes to document edits. So we wanted to find out how much faster business users could perform SharePoint tasks directly from email, without context switches.

What people said after taking the Challenge: