information governance with SharePoint

Information Governance with SharePoint

Organizations are struggling to comply with information governance requirements. Specifically, how can all your important documents and emails be captured and classified so they can be found later on; and you can be compliant? the answer can be found here, you can now comply with the requirements of information governance with SharePoint.
Find Emails Quickly
Use search, filter by tags, column filters, and more, to easily find emails in SharePoint.
Save on Email Storage
Reduce expensive email storage space by keeping only one copy of each email message. One copy of the truth also reduces email chaos.
Fulfill Email-Related Business Requirements
Retrieve emails for discovery, audit, and compliance needs, easily.

Drag and drop email messages and documents from Outlook directly into SharePoint using Using simple Outlook rules to designate specific Outlook folders as ‘drop off folders’ that map to SharePoint folders, workers have the power to decide which emails automatically get captured and saved in SharePoint. By staying within email and making it easy, puts the control in the hands of information workers, thereby humanizing the process of Information Governance with SharePoint.


Categorize email messages and documents in SharePoint. automatically prompts you for required metadata, so you can be assured that documents and email are classified accurately and completely. even maps email headers such as ‘To,’ ‘From,’ ‘Subject,’ and ‘Received’ to SharePoint metadata, making it effortless to comply with email retention policies.


Search and retrieve email messages, documents, and records from SharePoint (and SharePoint Record Center) for discovery, audits, and compliance requirements. When classified correctly and efficiently, producing email messages and documents is a snap. By making the right thing the easy thing, your workers will be compliant with information governance requirements without the hassle of uploading emails and documents to SharePoint from the browser.

Work on the go

Capture, classify, and find emails and documents anytime, anywhere from the Outlook OWA app on smartphones and tablets. Plus, provides full-featured, secure SharePoint and Office 365 access from any mobile device to take your information governance with SharePoint to the next level.


Join forces with colleagues using email messages and documents stored on SharePoint to enhance information governance with SharePoint. Realize the following benefits of SharePoint information governance from the place you already spend your worktime… email:

  • Eliminate document chaos by having one copy of the truth
  • Maintain accurate version history of emails and documents
  • Prevent data leakage by sharing secured links instead of attachments
  • Reduce litigation risks by being able to discover emails and documents quickly

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