harmon.ie Delivers on the Business Value of Office 365 Initiatives

Companies are migrating to cloud-based services of Microsoft Office 365 to achieve a single platform for productivity, communication, collaboration and enterprise social. While gaining the benefits of flexibility and the cost savings of cloud-based services, companies face a number of significant challenges:


SharePoint Online and Office 365 retain some of the shortcomings present in Microsoft on-premises offerings. In your move to the cloud, here are some things you need to consider:


Using SharePoint Online for Knowledge Management and Records Management remains difficult because:

  • It is impractical to upload email messages to SharePoint from the browser.

  • Emails and documents are stored in separate repositories.

  • It is hard to classify documents and email messages using metadata from the browser.

So, it’s virtually impossible for business users to capture/find documents and email messages.


Empowering workers to collaborate in the office using Office 365 is challenging because:

  • Each Office 365 service has a disparate browser user experience.

  • he need to switch between browser tabs severely curtails usage of Office 365 tools.

So, workers don’t use SharePoint or other Microsoft collaboration tools from the desktop.


Empowering workers to collaborate out of the office on mobile devices, using Office 365:

  • Access to SharePoint via a mobile browser is impractical.

  • Not all Office 365 services have native apps.

  • Apps that do exist are not integrated –you need to cut/paste information across many apps.

So, workers don’t use SharePoint or other Microsoft collaboration tools on mobile devices.

The harmon.ie Solution

A familiar user experience in the office and on the road

With harmon.ie, you continue to work within your Outlook client on the desktop and within a single mobile app on mobile devices. For the first time, you get seamless access to all Microsoft collaboration tools, such as SharePoint, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Yammer, and email, right from the place where you already work. Eliminating the need to change user behavior to use Office 365 tools means workers engage with minimal training.

Office 365 enterprise capabilities accessible to typical business workers

With harmon.ie, workers are prompted to upload email messages and documents to SharePoint while carrying out existing business processes. Classifying documents using metadata becomes part of normal workflows…in Outlook on the desktop and in a single app on mobile devices. When documents and email are uploaded to SharePoint and classified correctly, they can be found easily later on.

Office 365 project management capabilities accessible to typical business workers

With harmon.ie, workers participate in projects by updating tasks in SharePoint, collaborating in real-time using Skype for Business, and joining in Yammer discussions… all from Outlook on the desktop and from a single app on mobile devices. Bringing all the tools together creates a seamless experience that promotes adoption of Office 365…so you can realize the business value or your investment.

Support for hybrid deployments of SharePoint

harmon.ie seamlessly supports any combination of Office 365 (SharePoint Online) as well as hosted solutions for SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, Office SharePoint Server (MOSS®2007), and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0. Workers have the same intuitive user experience across all SharePoint versions.

harmon.ie Produces Results

By bringing together social, document, email, and enterprise project interactions in a single place, harmon.ie delivers the business value of Office 365 / SharePoint Online, so that you can focus on the benefits of migration, rather than on how to compel employees to make the move.