A Cultural Shift:
Migrating emails from Notes to Outlook

Some organizations have made the decision to migrate from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook for email, but are grappling with how to transfer the content without interrupting the end users. Another hurdle that these organizations face is an organizational cultural shift that distresses the business users; a cultural shift from a well-known interface and workflows using Notes to the uncharted waters of a new interface of Outlook.

Notes to Outlook Migration

“"You Can't Take It With You"”

One method of migration is a complete and cumbersome copy operation of the entire Notes database to Exchange. This method is not efficient

since email storage requirements double and the document chaos that exists on Notes is simply carried over to the Exchange server.

Selective Migration (a.k.a. Migration 2.0)

The most cost-effective way of migrating from Notes to Outlook is through 'selective migration'. By selectively migrating, the IT Department migrates only a portion of the email database to Microsoft Exchange (usually the most recent messages).

Business users then use harmon.ie to copy over any additional emails and email folders they need, from Notes to their Outlook environment, simply by

dragging and dropping messages into SharePoint. This process ensures that only necessary information gets migrated.

This way, the organization realizes the additional benefit of getting typical business users to adopt Outlook quickly, since the harmon.ie user experience is identical across both the Notes and Outlook platforms.

Notes to Outlook Migration

Same great user interface
across different platforms

Users begin by working with harmon.ie for SharePoint-Notes Edition in their everyday Notes environment. Once the organization makes the decision to migrate to Outlook, harmon.ie users access SharePoint through the harmon.ie for SharePoint-Outlook

Edition. Now, users get the same convenient SharePoint access, only now from their Outlook window. Both harmon.ie editions offer the same full-featured SharePoint access, with an identical user experience.

Notes to Outlook Migration
Notes to Outlook Migration

Migrating email messages and
folders to SharePoint

Notes to Outlook Migration

As organizations migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook, they need a migration solution to transition their emails from Notes storage to the new environment. harmon.ie allows business and users themselves,

selectively migrate important emails to SharePoint using a simple drag and drop operation. The outcome is a cost-effective email migration solution that conforms to corporate email storage policies.

Notes to Outlook Migration

Manage Emails on SharePoint
from Lotus Notes or Outlook

A convenient solution for preserving critical project correspondence is to store related e-mail messages alongside documents in a SharePoint project library.

Notes to Outlook Migration

With harmon.ie you can:

Publish email messages on SharePoint using drag-and-drop operations or a 'save on send' button. Email headers are automatically saved as SharePoint metadata.



Use the SharePoint email view to view, sort, and retrieve messages using email headers such as "From," "Date," or "Subject."



Access email stored on SharePoint. Use the email client to view, edit, and forward shared messages on SharePoint.