10,000 plus employees
BAUER Group Unifies Information Management with unifies information management across BAUER Group's regional IT departments with advanced, automated metadata.


For BAUER Group, centralizing the IT infrastructure and information in dispersed locations was a key challenge that helped overcome. Through's technology, BAUER Group merged employee's Outlook inboxes, and the information within them, with SharePoint.

"For construction projects it's important to have all the information - which primarily resides in documents, contracts, and emails - stored in a central location. Because of this, is a business necessity for BAUER Group."
Michaela Meissner, ECM Consultant, BAUER Group

About BAUER Group

BAUER Group provides services, equipment, and products for construction and machinery manufacturing. The company is split into three segments.
- Construction, which caries out foundational engineering projects independently with its own machinery.
- Machinery, which supplies the construction equipment - a market leader in the development and manufacturing of specialist foundational engineering equipment.
- Resources, which focuses on products and services around water treatment, biotechnology, environmental remediation, waste management, and desalination to support project execution.

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Bring Everything Together in SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive

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