Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Builds on harmon.ie's Success in Driving Social/Collaboration Adoption through Email

Milpitas, CA.

Social email provider harmon.ie® today announced it is helping Microsoft® Outlook® users embrace social networking by making IBM Connections available through a social sidebar in the user's email inbox. The resulting cross-platform product will aggregate IBM Connections social objects, Microsoft SharePoint® documents, presence awareness and unified communications into a single email window to streamline user access to social business tools.

This project leverages harmon.ie's social aggregation technology to enable users to access multiple social and collaborative activity streams without leaving the email interface where they spend a large portion of their workday. harmon.ie's ability to enable typical business users to adopt new collaboration tools without changing their daily work habits has helped enterprises worldwide increase end user adoption of collaboration platforms from an average of 20 percent to as high as 80 percent in just a few months' time.

"Just because a company chooses to use another email platform does not mean they should miss out on becoming a social business," said Jeffrey Schick, Vice President of Social Software, IBM. "Social-enabling email is the first step to connecting people with people, and people with information, in the context of a business user's daily work habits."

A recent uSamp survey validates the choice of email as the hub for multiple computing activities. In the survey, 78% of respondents reported a greater willingness to use collaboration and social business tools if they are accessible in the familiar email work environment. Nearly nine out of 10 users indicated that they publish documents and/or emails on a collaboration platform when they can do so from within email, a 75% increase over those without an integrated email option.

"Enterprises are eager to accelerate the adoption of social platforms. The most successful adoption strategy is an evolutionary one that exploits the ubiquitous use of email to incorporate collaboration and social tools into the business user's current workflow rather than attempting to change the way people work ," said Yaacov Cohen, co-founder and CEO at harmon.ie. "This collaboration with IBM advances that strategy by providing a cross-platform solution that combines access to the Connections social experience and SharePoint document collaboration in the same email window."

The new cross-platform product will be available later this year.

About harmon.ie

harmon.ie (pronounced 'harmony') is a provider of software solutions that advance social business by aggregating document collaboration, enterprise social networking, unified communications and other social tools into the email client and other locations where users already spend their workday, saving time and eliminating point solutions that complicate usability. Thousands of businesses already use harmon.ie to vastly increase user adoption of applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and Google Docs™ for social and collaboration functions. For more information, visit http://harmon.ie/

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