harmon.ie Helps MAPAL Master Contract Management With SharePoint

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harmon.ie Helps MAPAL Master Contract Management With SharePoint

Combined SharePoint/harmon.ie solution helps MAPAL get maximum value from their SharePoint environment, by recording information of their contract management processes in a single repository.


Tel Aviv, Israel

1 March 2020

MAPAL, a global manufacturing company, today demonstrated how harmon.ie helps it seamlessly preserve emails and contract information of all kinds in a single SharePoint folder. harmon.ie helps MAPAL follow corporate policy for handling emails and documents by making it easy to store contract information and related emails in the same place.

"Since implementing harmon.ie, we have more documents in SharePoint – particularly in purchasing, but also across the entire organization", says MAPAL's Digital Workplace analyst.

As a manufacturer working with many suppliers, partners, and customers, MAPAL deals with a huge number of contracts as a normal course of business. Considering how much is riding on these agreements, it is no surprise that mastering contract management was a high priority for the company.

Like most companies, MAPAL relies heavily on email for much of its contract negotiation processes. Since emails are typically locked in individuals’ mailboxes and out of reach of colleagues who need them, MAPAL designated SharePoint as a central repository for important contract-related emails (and documents). But getting workers to upload emails and documents to SharePoint and classify them correctly so they could be found, was a challenge.

harmon.ie to the Rescue

MAPAL turned to harmon.ie for help. Now, with harmon.ie, workers find it easy to follow corporate policy for handling emails and documents, by keeping contract-based information in the right place. harmon.ie allows everyone in the organization to be 'on the same page.' For example, when workers look for a vendor contract in SharePoint, they also have immediate access to a comprehensive history of related email interactions with the same vendor. That saves lots of time and prevents costly errors.

"We are happy to help MAPAL master their contract management processes and make the best of their SharePoint investment", says Yaacov Cohen, harmon.ie founder and CEO.

Users across the organization have reported an end to disconnected file systems, with important business content no longer being siloed away in the inboxes of individual users. The process of saving information in SharePoint is much easier and more responsive than adding documents via the traditional SharePoint browser interface.

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MAPAL is a global provider of tools and solutions for the manufacturing industry. The company consists of over 5,500 employees worldwide, distributed across 40 different branches and subsidiaries in 25 countries.

MAPAL prides itself on being at the forefront of the digital workplace. It takes advantage of machine learning and IoT technology when creating solutions; the company is constantly searching for new ways to improve business IT in everyday working life. With so many offices in different locations, seamless global collaboration is one of the most important challenges facing MAPAL.

About harmon.ie

harmon.ie makes it easy for knowledge workers to capture and classify emails and documents to SharePoint and Teams directly from Outlook, the place they already spend their work time. As such, it is easy to discover and share important content when needed, right from the email client.

By making it easy to do the right thing, harmon.ie increases SharePoint adoption, workplace productivity, as well as information governance and compliance. That is why thousands of enterprise customers count on harmon.ie's SharePoint and Microsoft 365-based user experience products for email and records management, collaboration, knowledge retention, and SharePoint adoption.

harmon.ie has won numerous Microsoft Best App awards and is a long time Microsoft Partner.

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