harmon.ie Helps DRASS Manage Emails and Documents in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

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harmon.ie Helps DRASS Manage Emails and Documents in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, harmon.ie enables DRASS's employees, including those working from home, to capture, classify, and find important emails and documents in Microsoft Teams conversations.


Tel Aviv, Israel

10 June 2020

DRASS, the leading supplier of hyperbaric chambers, including those used for COVID-19 oxygen therapy, today demonstrated how harmon.ie helps its workers, especially those delivering critical care solutions for COVID-19 patients, find important emails and documents.

These are challenging times for humanity,” said harmon.ie founder and CEO Yaacov Cohen. “So naturally, we are proud to help our customers, like DRASS, deliver solutions that bring salvation to victims in these times of great need.

Delivering sophisticated hyperbaric chambers for a variety of commercial and defense applications, requires a coordinated engineering and marketing effort. Scores of people work together at DRASS to deliver hyperbaric oxygen therapy and other hyperbaric solutions, so day to day work involves a considerable amount of email and document exchange. That’s why DRASS turned to Microsoft SharePoint as their centralized repository for important emails and documents. But getting workers to upload and classify content in SharePoint so others could find it was challenging, as was making sure that everyone was working on the latest version of a document.

DRASS partnered with harmon.ie to make it easy for workers to capture and classify important emails and documents in SharePoint. The results have been impressive. And this success has led to more than just good business, it has improved the prognosis of COVID-19 respiratory patients.

Adoption was smooth. We didn’t do any training, we simply post training videos on our Streams site in Teams and our workers self-educate,” said Cesare D’Amico, IT Manager at DRASS Group.

Read the complete DRASS case study.


DRASS is the leading supplier of diving systems worldwide, having designed and manufactured the majority of certified diving systems built since 1967. Commercial diving solutions cover saturation diving systems and equipment, hydraulic LARS (launch & recovery systems), surface diving systems, personal diver equipment and diving components. A fierce proponent of hyperbaric therapy since the 1950s, DRASS solutions continue to include cutting-edge hyperbaric chambers for oxygen therapy (like that used in COVID-19 treatments), hyperbaric chambers for tunnel boring machines, environmental control systems for confined/controlled areas, hyperbaric wet and dry simulators for commercial and defense sectors.

About harmon.ie

harmon.ie makes it easy for knowledge workers to capture and classify emails and documents to SharePoint and Teams directly from Outlook, the place they already spend their work time. As such, it is easy to discover and share important content when needed, right from the email client.

By making it easy to do the right thing, harmon.ie increases SharePoint adoption, workplace productivity, as well as information governance and compliance. That is why thousands of enterprise customers count on harmon.ie's SharePoint and Microsoft 365-based user experience products for email and records management, collaboration, knowledge retention, and SharePoint adoption.

harmon.ie has won numerous Microsoft Best App awards and is a long time Microsoft Partner.

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