SharePoint Influencer Series: The Value of the Cloud With Laura Rogers

Continuing the SharePoint influencer series, this month we caught up with Laura Rogers, manager of SharePoint consultants at Rackspace Hosting, Microsoft SharePoint MVP and 2014 Top 25 SharePoint Influencer. Laura shared her thoughts on why companies are transforming to adopt cloud solutions, what challenges they face when transitioning from on-premise to the cloud, and what benefits Office 365 adoption brings. See below for the full interview!


Laura Rogers
Top 25 SharePoint Influencer

Employees Go Head over Heels at’s 2015 Kickoff

The dust is still settling on’s annual kickoff meeting, but we are already off and running on a very busy 2015.  Last week, the entire company team assembled in Israel for four days of intense meetings and activities.

The week started with a crazy scavenger hunt on the streets of Beer Sheva, where team members were tasked with completing as many uncanny stunts as possible within the two hour limit.

Idan Hershkovich
Director of Marketing Funnels

Evolution of the app store

The notion of an App store is something that we, as consumers, implicitly take for granted in our daily lives. Being able to cater for pretty much any desire via the various stores on iOS / Android devices does in many ways spoil us. Since Apple successfully released their trailblazing offering back in 2008, other technology firms have taken similar measures, including Microsoft. In this post we will look at just how useful the SharePoint app store has become.

Ram Tagher
Product Manager

Microsoft is making changes to Outlook on the move

In business, the first application most workers launch is email. For most, email means Microsoft Outlook. It is where they share information via messages, view attachments, find contacts and schedule meetings. Increasingly these interactions need to be done on the move, using mobile apps. Case in point: half of all emails are now read first on a mobile device, so mobile is a big battle ground for Microsoft and Outlook.

Ram Tagher
Product Manager Debuts Collage

The reality of the Digital Workplace is upon us.  This Digital Workplace is being driven by the proliferation of mobile devices for work and the widespread availability of business cloud services. While these new tools provide anytime, anywhere access to workers to important business information, their success could also spell their downfall.  Why’s that? Simple – the more services you subscribe to, the more disjointed your experience becomes.

David Lavenda
Vice President of Product Strategy


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