Why We Need to Know Who the Top 25 Office 365 Influencers Are

harmon.ie will announce the 2015 Top 25 Office 365 Influencers at the upcoming Microsoft Ignite event. This is now a tradition, as it will be the fourth year we recognize the Top 25 Influencers, and the eighth Top 25 Influencer vote including the European and French initiatives. You can see the first announcement in 2011 here.

Yaacov Cohen
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

A closer look at Microsoft Office 2016

This month, Microsoft released previews of its touch version of Office for Windows 10. Microsoft had promised a new version of Office 16 optimized for the PC with a keyboard and mouse for the second half of 2015. Since 2007, there has been a new version of Office every three years and that pattern is still being followed. Screenshots of the new UI are available here on the Office blog.

Ram Tagher
Product Manager

5 easy steps to smoothly run projects on SharePoint

Getting project managers to adopt SharePoint and turn it into their main project management tool has always been a challenging part of SharePoint implementations. Organizations are aware of the importance of the buy-in of the project managers as it means that SharePoint adoption rates will be high among all parties involved in the project.

However, success rates with project managers were not necessarily higher than with other employees and in many cases, SharePoint implementations do not bring out active participation of project management teams.

Idan Hershkovich
Director of Marketing Funnels

SharePoint Influencer Series: The Value of the Cloud With Laura Rogers

Continuing the SharePoint influencer series, this month we caught up with Laura Rogers, manager of SharePoint consultants at Rackspace Hosting, Microsoft SharePoint MVP and 2014 Top 25 SharePoint Influencer. Laura shared her thoughts on why companies are transforming to adopt cloud solutions, what challenges they face when transitioning from on-premise to the cloud, and what benefits Office 365 adoption brings. See below for the full interview!


Laura Rogers
Top 25 SharePoint Influencer


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