harmon.ie News

New harmon.ie Email TeamMate enables workers to add emails to Microsoft Teams conversations in a single click
December 1, 2020
From today, there is Email TeamMate™ - the first and only practical way to bring emails and attachments into Teams conversations, without leaving Teams.
harmon.ie to Present at AIIM Virtual Event
November 2, 2020
harmon.ie is proud to be presenting at this week’s AIIM virtual event,From Risk Mitigation to Value Enhancement: A New Governance Imperative.
Canadian Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) Reaps the Benefits of SharePoint, Using harmon.ie
October 27, 2020
AAFC selected harmon.ie to simplify employees’ interaction with SharePoint. harmon.ie solves AAFC’s SharePoint challenges by making it easy for knowledge workers to use SharePoint. Workers simply drag and drop emails and documents to a SharePoint sidebar in their Outlook window, and they are prompted for required metadata. Important emails are stored in a centralized location and tagged so they are available to colleagues. There is always one version of the latest document, and mailboxes are not overflowing.
harmon.ie Named Charter Member of Microsoft Content Services Partner Program
October 20, 2020
harmon.ie is proud to be selected as a Charter Partner in the Microsoft 365 Content Services Partner Program.
harmon.ie Gold Sponsor for European SharePoint Conference 2020
October 13, 2020
The European SharePoint Conference (ESPC), the pre-eminent European SharePoint event, takes place this week. Originally planned for Amsterdam, ESPC, like all other conferences this year, has gone online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Search for Everything Starts with harmon.ie 8.2
September 15, 2020
In today’s world of swelling information stockpiles, finding what you need is becoming a bigger challenge with every passing day. And now that we are mostly working isolated at home, with nobody to ask for help, we are in even more dire straits, especially when looking for important emails and documents. That’s why Search tools are more important than ever. By making it possible to find an important email or document quickly, Search is one of the most useful tools we have in our productivity quiver. Which is why harmon.ie is proud to announce the new harmon.ie release 8.2, featuring enhanced search capabilities for emails and documents stored in SharePoint or Microsoft Teams.
harmon.ie Posts Strong First Half of 2020
July 29, 2020
During this Covid-19 crisis, harmon.ie has been a godsend for organizations who rely upon Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Outlook to run their businesses.  For the remote workers who need to be self-sufficient, harmon.ie makes it easy to capture, classify, and share emails and documents with colleagues. Now, with the added reliance of Microsoft Teams, harmon.ie has become more important than ever, because harmon.ie empowers organizations to run smoothly in the new, remote business environment.  
harmon.ie is Proud to Partner with DRASS – A Provider of Critical Care Solutions for COVID-19 Patients
June 9, 2020
As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the global medical establishment continues to search for practical healthcare solutions to treat COVID-19 patients. That is why harmon.ie is proud to partner withDRASS Technologies. DRASS designs, builds, and markets cutting-edge hyperbaric chambers, including those used for COVID-19 oxygen therapy. Read the complete story of how DRASS has improved its business using SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and harmon.ie.
harmon.ie Awarded “Microsoft Verified Publisher”
May 20, 2020
harmon.ie is excited to be awarded “Verified Publisher” status by Microsoft at this week’s Microsoft Build Conference.  The announcement came as part of the launch of the Publisher Verification program. Publisher Verification helps customers verify the authenticity of app developers who use the Microsoft identity platform (Azure AD) to sign users in and call APIs like Microsoft Graph.
New harmon.ie Release 8.1 Improves Remote Working with Microsoft Teams
April 26, 2020
harmon.ie SmartAssistant release 8.1 is now available! And just in time too. We know that many of you are working remotely at home during these difficult times. That means coordinating with colleagues and finding information is more challenging than when working in the office. Microsoft Teams is proving to be an important tool to help remote workers.  harmon.ie helps you bridge communications with the outside world using Outlook email, and internal collaboration with colleagues using Microsoft Teams conversations.
harmon.ie Selected Microsoft Content Services Partner
May 12, 2020
harmon.ie is proud to have been named a member of the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program. The Microsoft Content Services Partner Program is designed to help organizations get the capabilities and control they need in their everyday work, with an end-to-end content solution, through services delivered by select Microsoft partners. These partners assist organizations around the globe deploy the innovative Microsoft Content Services platform across Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams technologies.
New Case Study: MAPAL Masters Contract Management with harmon.ie and SharePoint
February 26, 2020
MAPAL is an innovative global manufacturing company, operating in over 20 countries on every continent of the planet. Like most companies, MAPAL relies heavily on email for much of its contract negotiation processes. Since emails are typically locked in individuals’ mailboxes and out of reach of colleagues who need them, MAPAL designated SharePoint as a central repository for important contract-related emails (and documents). But getting workers to upload emails and documents to SharePoint and classify them correctly so they could be found, was a challenge. So, MAPAL turned to harmon.ie for help. Now, with harmon.ie, workers find it easy to follow corporate policy for handling emails and documents, by keeping contract-based information in the right place.
Announcing harmon.ie Office App 8.0
February 13, 2020
Microsoft Office Web Apps are gaining in popularity because they fulfill important market needs.  harmon.ie has created a harmon.ie web app that runs as a sidebar in the Outlook Web App, in Office Web Apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as in Outlook on the desktop. Today, harmon.ie is announcing its latest version of harmon.ie App for Outlook. The new release provides a new contextual footer that shows the currently selected email message and allows you to save the email and its attachments to SharePoint.