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Benching your VC: The employee buyout playbook
August 28, 2019
Your VC wants you to sell your company to a larger firm, but you know it's the wrong move. Here's how to run a buyout effort.
Data Retention: What the Law Says And What Companies Should Do
October 3, 2019
Regulators around the world are imposing new restrictions on how organizations can use data. To comply, organizations need to get control of the data they have been collecting for years. That's not an easy task, given the amount of data they have.
Machine learning should make tech work for us—not the other way around
August 28, 2019
The innovations digital technology has wrought have somehow made our jobs, our social relationships, and even our lives, in some respects harder, not easier… certainly more hectic. For many of us, it feels as if the algorithms are in control.
How companies can increase their productivity by 25 per cent - the easy way
July 10, 2019
Companies can increase their productivity through consolidation, enterprise search, and AI.
Yaacov Cohen Is The Spiritual Risktaker
June 26, 2019
Spirituality in entrepreneurship is one of the core tenets of Yaacov Cohen’s business model. As the CEO of harmon.ie, Cohen said, “There is no economic success without a deeper, soul-to-soul connection.”
Drowning in Data? Here’s How to Get Control
June 7, 2019
In this era of big data, companies are literally drowning in stuff – but it’s not just the databases and data lakes that are overstuffed. Employees – the people who are supposed to use that plethora of data to make the organization money – are overstuffed with data, as well.
How platform fatigue is ruining your company
June 3, 2019
Your enormous suite of apps is destroying your productivity. These days, it can seem impossible to have a system that lets employees know where the data, files, email messages, PDFs, web links, and other resources that they need are, in order to complete projects.
harmon.ie CEO Explains Why He's Done with Venture Investors
April 6, 2019
A startup's VCs were pressuring the company to sell itself so employees bought out the VCs instead. The CEO explains why he's done with venture investors. The VC model is "very time driven," [CEO Yaacov] Cohen said. "I think in today's environment, it's not the right model. Having the management buying the company creates commitment from employees within the company where we are really dedicated to what the customers are doing."