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Everything you need from SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Outlook... in one place.

Drag and drop Outlook emails and attachments into SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive. Add emails to conversations without leaving Teams. Unify your conversations and documents. Try it for yourself.

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Capture & Classify

Upload documents, email attachments and messages to Microsoft 365 - SharePoint, OneDrive, or Microsoft Teams, or to SharePoint On-Premises. Full-featured support for SharePoint means users accurately classify emails and documents. Users are prompted to supply required metadata before checking in emails and documents.

Capture emails in SharePoint or Teams

Find & Discover

Search and discover important emails and documents quickly. Find content using powerful and unique search capabilities, as well as filters, favorite locations, and sophisticated, flexible views.


Easily share emails and documents with colleagues using secure document links. Verify colleagues have access to the documents before sending them. With harmon.ie, sharing information is scalable and secure so you worry less about governance and compliance, and focus more on the job at hand. harmon.ie eliminates 'document chaos' caused by sending attachments.

Get Help in Real Time

Add emails to a conversation without leaving Teams, using 'Email TeamMate,' harmon.ie's new Microsoft Teams plugin. Collaborate with co-workers inside Microsoft Teams, around emails exchanged with external suppliers, clients, and partners.

Email TeamMate

What’s Included

harmon.ie for Outlook

Outlook Desktop plug-in for
Microsoft 365/SharePoint Online/SharePoint On-Premises/Teams

harmon.ie Web Apps

harmon.ie for Outlook

harmon.ie for Office

Email TeamMate

Microsoft Teams plugin


  • Drive Microsoft 365 Adoption

    When emails, chats, and files are seamlessly connected, workers use Microsoft 365 - SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Outlook more effectively.

  • Be Productive While Working From Remote

    Add external emails to internal Teams conversations to create a unified, coherent view of the business process at hand. Seeing the big picture helps making the right decision easier.

  • Increase Productivity Significantly

    Focus on important business tasks by accessing content from across your Microsoft 365 apps, directly from Outlook.

  • Win with Information Management and Compliance

    Effortlessly capture and classify important documents and emails so they can quickly be found for the ongoing business, or for compliance and retention needs.

Enterprise Email and Document Management with Microsoft 365

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