harmon.ie SmartAssistant™ setup

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harmon.ie SmartAssistant™ integrates harmon.ie with Teams channels, allowing users to capture and share emails and attachments in Teams channels. This feature can be enabled when working with Office 365.

This article explains how to configure harmon.ie SmartAssistant™ for new and existing harmon.ie users.

Setup for new harmon.ie users:

harmon.ie SmartAssistant™ is automatically suggested to new users when first launching harmon.ie.

  1. Install harmon.ie to all users.
  2. Click the Consent link for integrating with Teams channels. These are the requested permissions, and why they are required:
    • Read all files that user can access ‐ get all files the signed-in user can access.
    • Read all groups ‐ get the list of the Teams and Groups the singed-in user is a member of.
    • Read and write all groups ‐ get the list of the Teams and Groups the singed-in user is a member of.
    • Read items in all site collections ‐ get the documents of all Teams, Groups and site collections the signed-in user can access.
    • Sign in and read user profile ‐ get the details of the current user's profile.
    • Access mailboxes as the signed-in user via Exchange Web Services ‐ save and retrieve emails from the Team mailbox.
    • Access the directory as the signed-in user ‐ authenticate the user.
  3. Instruct your users to launch harmon.ie, click the Let's Begin button, and select Teams Channels and SharePoint Online.

Setup for existing users upgrading harmon.ie:

For existing users, an administrator should enable the integration with Teams channels, as described below.

  1. Click the Consent link for integrating with Teams channels. See list of requested permissions above.
  2. Add the SupportTeamChannels String Value to the Office365GroupsInfo provisioning key, and set its value to True for all users. You may use this sample registry file for assistance.
  3. Provision the Office 365 server running Teams for all users (if it is not already provisioned), and then set the server's BrowserAuthentication sub-key to True for all users.

Known issues:

  • You cannot save emails to channels when the logged in harmon.ie user is not the same user who logged into Outlook.
  • Emails formatted as RTF cannot be saved to a channel.
  • You cannot save emails from a Public folder to a channel.
  • Saving emails from a shared mailbox requires write permissions to the mailbox.
  • Archived Teams are not marked as such. As a result, users may try to save emails to archived Teams and fail.
  • You cannot save emails to channels that were renamed before harmon.ie was deployed. The Team channel and matching SharePoint folder must have the same name. To fix this, please rename the folder to the new channel name.
  • Attachments of type .msg/.eml cannot be uploaded to SharePoint. If an email contains both .msg/.eml attachments and attachments of other types, all other attachments are uploaded and replaced with links in the uploaded email. The .msg/.eml attachments are not uploaded and not replaced with a link.
  • When uploading documents from the computer to a channel, the properties editor opens only when there are required properties.
  • If the Team was created from an existing team, the channel's corresponding SharePoint folder is not created immediately. As a result, upload to newly created teams may fail. To fix this, manually access the channel's Files tab. This action creates the channel's folder. Then, try again.