Replace Mobile's splash screen Mobile Knowledge Base - Enterprise Edition


It is possible to replace the splash screen, which appears when the app starts, with your own splash screen.

To customize splash

  1. Create an HTML page with your own design. Make sure this page is displayed properly in different device sizes, orientations, and multitasking modes (slide over, and split view). See for example the attached file
  2. Place the HTML page in a location that is available to all users. The page must not require an authentication.
  3. Add the splashUrl provisioning key as explained in Provision Mobile to all users.
    It is recommended to add a harmonieVersion query string to be able to update the page (if the version changes the page is updated in the app when you provision the same URL).

To revert to the original splash

Use an empty value in the splashUrl key.

Note: The provisioning takes place the first time launches. For this reason, the splash screen is replaced from the second time on.