Open InfoPath Filler forms using and Formotus Knowledge Base - iOS and Android Editions

Using the latest version of the app on an iOS or Android device, you can open InfoPath Filler forms from SharePoint using the Formotus InfoPath-compatible form filler app. offers a secure way to access the XML files, on iOS and Android that are stored in a SharePoint library. Used together, and Formotus provide an elegant solution for managing and filling InfoPath forms on SharePoint from mobile devices.

This article demonstrates how to use with Formotus.


In this scenario we have taken an Incident Report form that was submitted to an Microsoft 365 SharePoint library, and now we want to open it to fill it out.

Opening the Form

In the app, you navigate to the SharePoint library where the Incident Report form has been saved. For the purposes of this demonstration, the SharePoint library is on Microsoft 365, in the cloud on

The submitted form appears as a simple XML file:

Tap the document to open the Document Info page that displays the metadata about the document, including, the Author and date of creation and last modification, InfoPath form version, size, etc.

At this time, the document itself is not opened. You can open the document by using the Open option from the Actions menu (top right of page), or by tapping the Open icon at the bottom right of the page.

The following example shows the “open in” options available when you tap the Open button on the bottom right of the page.

Tap the formotus icon and your previously submitted form opens, displaying the XML file as the completed Incident Report form.


Follow these steps to install Formotus on your device to see how it works with

  1. Install the free Formotus client app on an iOS or Android device.
  2. Find or create a SharePoint library where an InfoPath Filler form template is published and at least one instance of the form has been submitted. The library can be in any version of SharePoint or on Microsoft 365.
  3. Open a free trial account on the Formotus service.
  4. Upload the InfoPath form template directly from SharePoint library to your Formotus account and deploy it to yourself. (Log in to Formotus, click New Form, then click SharePoint and follow the instructions.)
  5. Open the Formotus app, log in to your Formotus account, and install the form that you uploaded.
  6. Open the app, navigate to the InfoPath XML file, and open it as shown in the screenshots above.