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Features marked with are available in the Enterprise Edition only.

SharePoint sites
Feature iOS Android
Add and edit SharePoint sites    
Add OneDrive / My Site    
Share sites between clients      
Sites I’m following in the sites list    
Open site URL in an internal browser    
Connect with a client certificate    
Finding SharePoint content
Feature iOS Android
Browse through SharePoint locations    
Direct navigation to a SharePoint link    
Add or remove locations and documents/items to favorites    
Share favorites between clients      
Navigation history    
View location in preview mode (tablets only)    
View location in Tiles view    
Filter location by tags    
Support SharePoint visible columns iPad only Tablet only
Select SharePoint view    
Sort location    
Working with SharePoint documents and folders
Feature iOS Android
View document information    
Open a SharePoint document    
Edit a SharePoint document      
Create Office Online documents or folders iPad only Tablet only
View Microsoft 365 Groups' documents    
Annotate PDF documents     
View Wiki pages    
Edit Wiki pages      
Delete a document or folder    
Copy a document or folder link    
View version history    
View document properties    
Edit document properties      
Check in / out    
Approve / reject    
Publish / unpublish    
View breadcrumbs    
Open document location    
Share OneDrive documents    
Share documents with other applications    
Follow changes    
Working with SharePoint lists
Feature iOS Android
View tasks, contacts, issues, announcements, links, calendars, and custom lists    
View and edit site newsfeed (Microsoft 365, SharePoint 2013 and later)    
View item information    
Copy list item link    
Create a new list item    
Edit a list item      
Edit item fields    
Delete a list item    
Approve / reject item    
View, add or delete attachment    
Search for calendar events    
Change calendar scope and view    
Uploading to SharePoint
Feature iOS Android
Upload documents, email attachments and images      
Upload multiple images     
Upload image(s) with the Camera action      
Feature iOS Android
Saving document libraries, Wiki libraries, folders, lists, documents, and list items offline    
Browse through offline locations    
View offline documents and document info    
Edit offline documents and document properties    
Upload documents to offline locations    
Create and edit offline list items    
Manually update offline locations      
Delete offline locations and documents/items    
Viewing updates
Feature iOS Android
View updates from SharePoint colleagues    
View changes in libraries and lists you follow    
View conversation updates of sites you follow    
View a person’s updates    
View updates from Yammer colleagues    
Post to Yammer      
Reply to, or like Yammer updates      
Share document / item link on Yammer      
Working with people
Feature iOS Android
Find a person    
View profile information    
Reach out to a person by phone, or email    
Communicate using Skype for Business    
Post status updates    
Add or remove people from colleagues list      
Manage colleagues groups      
View a person’s personal site    
Working with email
Feature iOS Android
View an email saved on SharePoint inside    
Send documents/items by email as links or attachments    
Send multiple documents/items    
Upload an email attachment to SharePoint      
Feature iOS Android
Support French, and German display languages (in addition to English)    
Lock with a passcode      
Central installation      
Provision – set default values and force values to all users      
MDM functionality with MobileIron or BlackBerry (formerly Good)      

Features marked with an Asterisk ( ) are available in the Enterprise Edition only.