Manage Mobile Enterprise users Mobile Knowledge Base - Enterprise Edition

This article refers to the SharePoint server setup of SharePoint on-premise (2010 or later).

How are users activated?

Each user downloading, and adding the SharePoint server to the application, is automatically added to the list of users.

By default, new users are added as active users. The administrator can change the default behavior and set the Activation State default value to No.

How are users managed?

The administrator manages the list of users from the Mobile Users list in the root of the selected site collection or site.

The administrator uses the list to track all users, and to activate/deactivate a user.

When and how are users validated?

Each time a user restarts, adds a new SharePoint site, or first navigates to a SharePoint site, the server is queried for the Activation State of this user. The operation is allowed only if the Activation State of this user is set to Yes.

Who can manage users?

The administrator who deployed solution has full control permissions to manage users.

To enable other users or groups to manage the list, grant them Full Control permissions to the Mobile Users list.