Integrate with Citrix Knowledge Base - Mobile Enterprise

To integrate with Citrix XenMobile, follow these steps:

  1. Wrap the package for Citrix.
  2. Upload and configure the package in XenMobile AppController.
  3. Instruct the end users to install with Citrix.

To wrap the package for Citrix:

  1. Ask support for the ipa package.
  2. Download and install MDX Toolkit.
  3. Wrap the ipa package, by running this command:
    /Applications/Citrix/MDXToolkit/CGAppCLPrepTool Wrap -Cert "<org distribution cert>" -Profile "<provision profile> -in "<full path to .ipa>" -out "<full path to .mdx to be created>" -logFile "/Applications/Citrix/MDXToolkit/logs/Citrix.log" -logWriteLevel 4 -appDesc "<description of app>" -appName "<app display name>"
    /Applications/Citrix/MDXToolkit/CGAppCLPrepTool Wrap -Cert "iPhone Distribution: HARMON.IE CORPORATION (NWBV6Z488Z)" -Profile "/Users/username/HARMONIE_CORP_ENT_ADHOC.mobileprovision" -in "/Users/username/builds/" -out "/Users/username/builds/" -logFile "/Applications/Citrix/MDXToolkit/logs/Citrix.log" -logWriteLevel 4 -appDesc " Ent 3.5 desc" -appName " Ent 3.5"

To upload and configure the package in XenMobile AppController:

  1. Open XenMobile AppController > Configure > Apps.
  2. Click Add > MDX.
  3. On the left side, check iOS and uncheck Android and Windows Phone.
  4. For iOS: supply Name and Description for the app and click Next.
  5. Click Upload and browse to the .mdx file created in the previous step.
  6. When the upload completes, configure the MDX Policies:
    1. Under Encryption:
      • Set Encryption Type to MDX encryption.
    2. Under App Interaction:
      • Append ",harmonie:" to the App URL schemes.
      • Set Cut and copy to Unrestricted.
      • Set Paste to Unrestricted.
      • Set Document exchange (Open In) to Unrestricted.
      • Set Inbound document exchange (Open In) to Unrestricted.
    3. Under App Restrictions:
      • Set Block e-mail compose to Off.
      • Set Block Camera to Off.
      • Set Block Photo Library to Off.
    4. Under Network Access:
      • Set Network access to Unrestricted.
  7. Click Next > Next. Optionally configure Approvals and Delivery Group.
  8. Click Save to finish.

To install with Citrix:

Instruct your users to:

  1. Download and install Worx Home from the App Store. Supply them with the FQDN of the AppController (ex:, and the username and password for Worx Home.
  2. Launch Worx Home > Install