How SharePoint usernames are mapped to Skype for Business for presence awareness Email Knowledge Base - Outlook Enterprise & Notes

NOTE: THIS ARTICLE IS OBSOLETE. Email provides Skype for Business (previously known as Lync) presence awareness in the sidebar.

Columns which have values that include name information (Created by, Modified by, or Checked Out to), and user names in the People tab and the people information pane, are designated with presence status. From the presence icon, the user can start chats and calls with other SharePoint users. For more information read:

To map SharePoint users to Skype for Business users, looks for the SIP address of each user according to this algorithm:

  1. Take the user name from the column name in the sidebar and search for its SIP address in the current SharePoint site.
  2. If this SIP address is not found on the current SharePoint site, take the email address of this user from the current SharePoint site and search for this email on the configured social server, if such exists. Then take the SIP address from this user’s profile found on the social server.
  3. If both methods fail, try using the email as a SIP address.