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How to start a pilot of Mobile?

Follow this procedure to install Mobile for a pilot group or for the whole organization:

  1. Obtain your setup files.
  2. Setup the SharePoint environment.
  3. Centrally provision
  4. Optionally, wrap for MDM.
  5. Install for a group of users.
  6. Provide training material.

Obtain your setup files

  1. Sign into your download area. It is recommended to use Internet Explorer.
    Use the user name and password you received in the Order Fulfillment email.
  2. The first time you access the download area, you need to accept the EULA.
    If you experience any problems accessing the download area, or accepting the EULA, please contact support.
  3. Download instructions:
    • The mobile client is usually downloaded by all users from the App Store / Google Play.
      If you wish to work with MDM, you can configure the MDM to push the application to all users. Make sure you download the correct client, according to the download table below.
    • Download the for Mobile license file from the download area, in the License File(s) table.
    • It is recommended to sign the provisioning file (see below). Download the Signing tool and Signing Key (organization key), from the table Mobile License, Server, to do this.
    • If you are working with SharePoint on-premise (2010 or 2013), and wish to track and manage the list of users using, download the server component that matches your SharePoint version: Server Component – SharePoint <version> (in the table Mobile License, Server). app download table

iOS None App Store: Enterprise
iOS BlackBerry (formerly Good) App Store: for BlackBerry
iOS MobileIron (ME) App Store: for ME
iOS Citrix Download area: XenMobile IPA package
Android None Google Play: Enterpirse Connect
Android MDM that requires wrapping Download area: for Android - APK package

Setup the SharePoint environment

You must setup a SharePoint server for, with the license file you downloaded from your download area, and, preferably, the provisioning file that you will create in the next step. Otherwise, the app will not work.

Centrally provision

You can centrally provision with SharePoint sites, favorites, and default settings. This allows all users to start working with the same settings.

There are several methods to provision Here is the recommended method:

  1. Prepare app for exporting settings.
  2. In your app, add the SharePoint site on which you saved the license file. When this site is provisioned, the app is automatically activated for the users. Otherwise, they have to manually add this site in order to activate
  3. Add the SharePoint social server, which is the SharePoint server running the User Profile service application. By defining this site, users have access to these social features:
  4. You may define favorites, and change the default settings of
  5. When done, export your settings to create a provisioning file.
  6. If required, you may edit the file manually. Here is the full information on what can be centrally provisioned. We recommend that you start by setting the following keys:
    • hideSocialFromNavigation: Set to true if the social server does not include documents and should be hidden from the sites list.
    • hiddenLibraries: Hide SharePoint libraries and technical lists non-relevant to the users. For example: Site Assets, Form Templates, and Style Library.
    • shareLocations: Set to true to share sites and favorite locations across clients (email and mobile).
  7. Sign the file. When the provisioning file is signed, users see the company name with the provisioning notification, and are assured that the file is received from their company’s administrator.
  8. Copy the file to the SharePoint server on which you saved the license file. If you are working with BlackBerry or with MobileIron (ME), insert the provisioning file URL to the MDM management app, as explained in for BlackBerry and in for MobileIron.
  9. Send an email to all users with protocol link pointing to the SharePoint server on which you saved the license file. This email should be opened in as explained in the installation instructions below.

For other provisioning methods, read Provision Mobile to all users.

Wrap for MDM

This step is required only if you are working with Citrix, or with another MDM that requires wrapping.

  • If installing Mobile on iOS, with Citrix: follow the directions in Integrate with Citrix.
  • If installing Mobile on Android, with an MDM that requires wrapping: download the APK package from your download area and wrap it according to the MDM instructions.

Install for a group of users

  1. Instruct all users to download and install Enterprise from the App Store / Google Play. Make sure to point to the correct app according to the app download table.
  2. Instruct all users to open the email you sent them with the protocol link, and:
    • In iOS: tap the attached link.
    • In Android: tap and hold the attached link and select Share >

This adds the SharePoint server on which you saved the license and provisioning files to the user’s mobile app, which triggers the license registration and provisioning.

Provide training material

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