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harmon.ie for BlackBerry (formerly harmon.ie for Good Technology) gives employees full SharePoint access while protecting and minimizing risk to corporate data. Business data is protected by encryption and applying application and data access controls within a secure container, separating it from personal information.

Protection at the application level also prevents users from inadvertently leaking corporate data. For example, IT can prevent employees from sending SharePoint document links, or copying them into consumer apps or personal email.

harmon.ie for BlackBerry guarantees secured networking, data storage and data transfer between harmon.ie and 3rd party apps via the BlackBerry Dynamics API.

Network Diagram

What's New

Version 3.8.1 (May, 2017)

  • Fixed bug #43825: harmon.ie crashes when trying to open a PDF file in iOS 10.3.

Version 3.8 (April, 2017)

Version 3.6 (September, 2016)

  • Support Good Work.
  • iOS 10 compatibility.
  • A new Camera action to upload image(s) to SharePoint from the Photos app or by taking a new photo with the device's camera.
  • A new Preview mode on iPad shows a document preview pane side by side with the document list.
  • Support opening email messages saved as EML in harmon.ie's Email Viewer.
  • Improved Apple Pencil support for annotating PDF documents.
  • Added support for multitasking in iPad.
  • New provisioning options to:
  • Update to Good Dynamics SDK version
  • Bug fixes.

Version 3.1 (September, 2015)

Version 2.6.2

  • Fixed Microsoft 365 connectivity issue

Version 2.6.1

  • Improved connectivity

Version 2.6

  • Save document libraries, lists, folders, views or tagged documents for offline access.
  • Calendar lists are available with day, week and month views.
  • Support for Tasks, Issues, Contacts, Announcements, Links and Custom Lists.
  • Share OneDrive for Business documents with your colleagues.
  • Select multiple documents to send by email as links or attachments.
  • Version history is available. From the document info panel, users can read, restore and delete previous versions and reach out to the version creator.
  • Support Group By views.
  • Support Publish and Unpublish of documents.
  • Support Approve and Reject of documents and list items.
  • Administrators can hide document libraries via provisioning.
  • Open documents in Good certified apps installed on the device.
  • Update to Good Dynamics SDK version 1.8.4327.
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.3.2

  • Support for PowerPoint Online

Version 2.3.1

  • Support for Office Online - Word, Excel and OneNote documents.
  • Update to Good Dynamics SDK version 1.6.4248

Version 2.3

  • Support Yammer profiles and discussions. Unified activity stream now presents real-time updates from Yammer and SharePoint.
  • Offline support for favorite documents.
  • iOS 5 is no longer supported. harmon.ie requires a minimum of iOS 6.
  • Improved support for iOS 7.

Version 2.0.4

  • Added NSFileProtectionComplete attribute to the property list files.
  • Removed snapshot of sensitive data when the application transitions to the background.
  • Used Good Dynamics API instead of KeyChain API for credentials storage.

Features exceptions in harmon.ie for BlackBerry

All document actions that are available in harmon.ie Enterprise edition are also available in harmon.ie for BlackBerry. Some features work differently in harmon.ie for BlackBerry:

For further information about all features, navigate to the topic’s page in harmon.ie documentation – Welcome to harmon.ie Mobile for iPhone.

SharePoint site lookup

Bootstrapping harmon.ie using SharePoint site lookup (company DNS server) works only if that DNS server is publicly accessible. The BlackBerry proxy server having access to the DNS server is not sufficient to enable the SharePoint site lookup feature.

In iOS 10, harmon.ie protocol link cannot be clicked. As a workaround, copy the link text to the clipboard, and then launch harmon.ie.

Opening a document in 3rd party apps

In the BlackBerry edition, only selective BlackBerry-approved apps are listed as an option for opening the document – this prevents unauthorized access to the document’s content by utilizing BlackBerry Dynamics secure file transfer API.
Opening documents in Office Web Apps is disabled in the BlackBerry edition.

Open Document

Saving a document to SharePoint

When uploading a document to SharePoint, select Open In > harmon.ie from BlackBerry Work.

Save to SharePoint

Sending a document as an attachment

When sending a SharePoint document as an attachment, BlackBerry Mail is used instead of the native iOS mail app.

Send as Attachment

Copying a document link

Copying a document link (in order to paste it to a 3rd party app) is disabled by default on the Good Control Server. Good administrator can enable this feature.

To enable Copy Link via Good Control server:

All copying and pasting capabilities are controlled by the Data Leakage Prevention option in the Security Policies settings of the Good Control server. This option applies to all applications. Changing this option will affect other BlackBerry applications as well. When this option is turned on, no copying/pasting to/from harmon.ie will be allowed.
Follow the steps below:

  1. After logging into the Good Control interface, click Policy Sets and click the edit (pencil) icon next to Good Default Policy in order to edit the policy. Alternatively, you can copy an existing policy and save it as a new one.
  2. Inside the policy, click the Security Policies tab.
  3. Uncheck the Data Leakage Prevention > Prevent copy from GD apps into non-GD apps option and click Update.

When turned on, this option will disable the following features:

  • Normal copy and paste of text (from harmon.ie to third party apps and from third party apps to harmon.ie).
  • Go to location.
  • Copy and upload image.

To control harmon.ie Mobile Features via the Application Policy:

Application Policy options are designed to help Good administrators with enabling or disabling harmon.ie features.

To control Application Policy options:

  1. After logging into the Good Control interface, click Policy Sets and click the edit (pencil icon) next to Good Default Policy in order to edit the policy. Alternatively, you can copy an existing policy and save it as a new one.
  2. Inside the policy, click the Apps tab expand App Sepcific Policies > harmon.ie.
  3. Select the General tab.
  4. Check/uncheck the features you want to enable/disable in the harmon.ie Mobile application:
    • Allow user to send a link – prevents the user from sending a document link via BlackBerry Mail.
    • Enable DNS Lookup – allows users to use the dynamic SharePoint site retrieval for bootstrapping harmon.ie.
    • Manual Load Metadata – does not show the full document properties until the user taps the Load Properties button.
    • Hide subsites with limited or no access – security trimming for sub-sites the user does not have access to.
  5. If you want to point to the provisioning file, click the Provisioning tab.
  6. Enter the provisioning file URL in the Provisioning file URL text box.
  7. Click Update.