Enable Office 365 Groups in harmon.ie

harmon.ie Knowledge Base - iOS and Outlook Enterprise Edition

You can view and work with the documents of Office 365 public and private Teams and Groups that you are a member of, both in harmon.ie Email and in harmon.ie Mobile.

harmon.ie uses delegated permissions to query Microsoft Graph for the list of teams and groups that the current user belongs to. Azure is used to manage the authentication process against Microsoft Graph.

Note: In harmon.ie Mobile, you view the groups of the configured social server.

To enable the Office 365 Teams and Groups feature:

A user with admin credentials has to grant harmon.ie access permissions to the Teams and Groups feature for the entire organization, by clicking the consent link according to the table below.

harmon.ie Version Consent link Comment
8.0 or later, with SmartAssistant™ Consent link Always required.
6.8.1 or later, without SmartAssistant™ Consent link Only required if administrator blocked user consent.
6.8 or older Consent link Always required.