Connect to SharePoint with an SSL VPN Knowledge Base - iOS Edition

Read this article if you are having issues connecting to your SharePoint servers from for iOS, using an SSL VPN.

Can for iOS work with an SSL VPN?

Yes. will connect over SSL VPN.

To enable this, you may need to:

  1. Configure Pass-through Proxy (PTP).
  2. Configure the SharePoint server to run on SSL. This may require a certificate, which must be the same host name as the external DNS.
  3. Modify the internal and external DNS records.

Once the SSL VPN and SharePoint environment has been configured, you can test the connection:

  1. Download and install the mobile app recommended by your VPN / Network administrator and login using the supplied credentials.
  2. Once the connection has been established, open Safari and try to login to your SharePoint server via a browser.

If this is successful for iOS will work.

Does for iOS support Two Factor Authentication?

Yes. Two factor authentication is a requirement of VPN access to your corporate network and is transparent to Typically the end user will have a soft or hard token supplied by their administrator that generates a passcode. The passcode is randomly generated and changes every 60 seconds. This passcode is used in conjunction with the username and password, once a valid passcode and username have been supplied. The soft-token is usually in the form of a mobile app that the user uses to generate the passcode before initiating the SSL VPN Connection.

Many customers use the RSA mobile soft token for passcode generation.

What SSL VPN Connections does support? does not require any particular VPN client. works with any VPN client capable of connecting from a mobile device to the internal corporate network.

Below is a sample of Mobile SSL VPN clients that customers are using with mobile: