Recently-released Office 365 offers exciting new social and collaboration capabilities. But as people untether from their desks and embrace mobile and cloud interfaces, their collaboration experience needs to adapt appropriately. How does Office 365 support the these changing business dynamics?

New 4.0 introduces a new adaptive approach for bringing Office 365 capabilities to the mobile, desktop, and cloud user experience. Below you will find some exciting new features that will be available in 4.0.

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SkyDrive Pro inside Outlook with

SkyDrive Pro offline support
Users can synchronize SharePoint libraries directly from and have the libraries content available to them while they are offline. Once users have synchronized a SharePoint library to their computer, a new location is added to the sites drop-down list, called SharePoint (local files) where users can select the location and work on the synchronized files offline.
SkyDrive Share capabilities (Ad-hoc sharing)
When users attach documents from their SkyDrive to an e-mail message, the documents can be automatically shared with the e-mail recipients. Another option is to simply right click on the document that the users would like to share, select the Share menu item and specify the person’s name and the access level they wish to grant that person.

SharePoint online or on-premise + Yammer + Office Web Apps

Integrating Yammer, SharePoint, and Outlook into the worker’s daily work experience means that new users can far more quickly and easily be part of the conversation without needing to jump between windows, disparate interfaces, or apps.
Yammer social interactions 4 brings Yammer social interactions directly into the users email window. For instance, when selecting a colleague's image, the yammer feed is filtered to show all the recent conversations of that colleague.
Yammer micro-blogging
Now users can take advantage of Yammer’s micro-blogging capabilities, all within the email window. Users can take part in and view group conversations, preview documents, and mention colleagues (@mention) in order to include them in the discussion and much more.