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Bring everything together in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

Unify all your business conversations and information - drag and drop Outlook emails and attachments into SharePoint and Teams and automatically notify Team members. for Outlook Office App
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Bring Outlook Conversations to SharePoint and Teams lets you quickly and easily drag and drop emails and attachments from Outlook into SharePoint or into a Teams channel. Emails can be stored in the Team’s Exchange Group Mailbox or together with documents in the relevant SharePoint site. Retention Labels for email and document locations can be automatically applied, and all members of the Team are notified.

Connect All Your Content and Conversations

Use metadata to classify emails, discussions and documents, and then group them together. organizes them across Outlook, SharePoint, Teams and more, using familiar terms like the names of products, projects or services, so related information can be found easily.

See Related Content, in Context helps you bring all your business information together. When emails and documents are spread out across Outlook, SharePoint, and Teams channels, it’s hard to find them when you need them and keep track of everything. Now you can unify it all so you can locate related content via search, filters, favorite locations and more.

Share Documents with Automatic Notifications enables simple and secure sharing of emails and documents and lets everyone know when a document is made available. Instead of sending attachments, shares document links, and automatically notifies all the relevant Microsoft Teams users. It also verifies that colleagues have access to documents before sharing.

Make the Right Thing the Easy Thing

By making it easy to move conversations from Outlook into SharePoint and Teams and automatically notify Team members, helps to bring all your information together and keep everyone in the loop. Try it for yourself.